Dinner Meeting and Tour of the Aquatics Center

The Board of the Trojan Coaches Club and Club President Philip Putnam are proud to announce our next Dinner Meeting and special tour of the new Uytengsu Aquatics Center and self guided tour of the recently renovated Heritage Hall starting at 5:30PM, on Tuesday, May 20th. All of the details and sign-up sheet are attached. Please submit that sheet with your payment back to Club President Philip Putnam by Thursday, May 15th. Please understand that unless you are a Lifetime Member, your annual Membership dues are now payable with your dinner reservation and can only be process with both fees. The TCC truly appreciates your continued support of our Club and for our mission. To expand our future TCC Membership, we strongly encourage you bring Guests with the intention that they would become TCC Members after one visit. The TCC Policy is that for their 2nd visit and going forward, these visitors would be required to pay a Premium (currently $20) when they attend future events to encourage them to become TCC Members, which is only fair. The entire Board looks forward to seeing you and your guests on May 20th for another excellent TCC event! Fight On!

Thursday, August 15th at 4:45 PM

Hey Trojan Coaches Club Members! Our next "Hawaiian themed" (so wear an Aloha Shirt) Dinner Meeting will be on the evening of Thursday, August 15th complete with a private tour of the John McKay center on campus for those that signup and get their checks in fast and also get to campus by 4:45PM. It is very important that you respond to this Dinner Event Flyer ASAP and get your money into our Treasurer, Bent Davies right away as this tour and dinner will be very popular with potential new members that we are actively trying to recruit via social media. Lifetime Members will have the highest priority, followed by the Annual Members and then the newest members, but only if you act quickly, so start scratching out your check, find an envelope and a stamp Today! Click here for a Welcome Letter or a Dinner Invitation from our New Club President Philip Putnam explaining some the changes that we can expect in the future. We need to support Philip and his new Board Members as they lead us going forward. We continue to look for Trojan Leaders to join the TCC Board! How can TCC be a stronger organization and survive into the future? How can YOU make TCC a Better Club? As Trojans, my expectations of YOU are higher than most, so let's help Philip make this happen! Don't just sit in a seat, let Philip know what skills or abilities YOU can bring to TCC... Fight On! Michael "MD3" Donovan III TCC Past President (310) 437-9716 Mobile