Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is big. It's 2015 population of 10.17 million makes it larger than forty-two of the fifty states. It is the most populous county in the nation.

By area, at 4,084 square miles, Los Angeles County is larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

If it were a country, Los Angeles County would be the 20th largest economy in the world.

There are incorporated 88 cities in Los Angeles County.

The largest city in Los Angeles County is of course the City of Los Angeles with a US census estimated population in 2016 of 3,976,322; making it the second most populous city in the USA after New York City. There are 142 communities within the City of Los Angeles.

There are also 53 Unincorporated Communities in the County of Los Angeles.

The median sales price of detached single family homes has been steadily rising in Los Angeles County.