Kagel Canyon

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Kagel Canyon is a unique community of a little over 300 homes accessed from Osborne Street, the canyons lies to the West of Little Tujunga Canyon. While the neighborhood you drive through to access the canyon is one of tract homes within the City of Los Angeles, as soon as you enter the canyon you step into a different world that is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. As you enter the canyon you will see a community notice board run by the very active Kagel Canyon Civic Association. The canyon is split into three distinct neighborhoods: lower canyon, middle canyon and upper canyon.

As you drive through lower canyon you'll pass The Hideaway Bar and Grill, one of the few remaining bars in Los Angeles County where you can ride up and hitch your horse while you stop for a libation. As you continue up to middle canyon you'll pass County Fire Station 74, and Dexter Park. As you continue up the canyon you'll see more and more horse properties. At the intersection with Lopez Canyon Road you'll come across Glen Haven Memorial Park which has to be one of the more tranquil resting places in Southern California.