Lessons and Links

Teachers have always been concerned about teaching their students solid research techniques. Common Core Standards supply a new urgency to consistent research instruction across the curriculum, not just in libraries and english classrooms.

In an effort to help all teachers provide that consistent instruction, Kansas librarians have worked together to create sample lessons on research and to pull together some of the best research lessons and tools on the web.

Here are a few existing sites that have excellent lessons available:

We Are Teachers Lessons and Resources
Common Core Resources (LibGuides at Springfield Township High School)
Research Tools

If you need some help preparing for how to attack Common Core implementation in your school, Kristin Fontichiaro has provided an excellent approach with very well-constructed and manageable forms to help you begin.

And, a little something to spur you to think about how to make all this engaging for students. Even though Michael Wesch produced this video in 2008, it is well worth absorbing for an hour in order to reflect on your practice.