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Undergraduate Program of Study

University Programs for undergraduate students focuses on Coast Guard and seamanship fundamentals in the basic block, and then develops their operational skills through the rest of the program, finishing with a maritime leadership capstone that is well matched to the developing professional interests of college seniors.  Undergraduate students may also take on small unit leadership roles, and are responsible for mentoring their less experienced shipmates.

All undergraduate students must complete "Basic Block - Year 1" and "Operations Block - Year 2".  Years 3 and 4 must be completed if the student is in the program for more than two years.  

A student joining during the senior or junior year of college must complete "Basic Block - Year 1" and "Operations Block - Year 2".  A student joining during the sophomore year in college must complete "Advanced Block - Year 3" in addition.  A student joining during the freshman year in college must complete all four blocks.

Highly motivated students are absolutely permitted to complete portions of the program early; there is no need to wait another year to take available training now.

Undergraduate students remaining in the university program beyond four years, or those simply wishing to further their education and skill set, are encouraged to complete additional elective courses from the course catalog.