Program of Study

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) - Program of Study - August 2013
Students enrolled in the Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program complete a program of study incorporating basic Coast Guard and nautical education, operational training, leadership development, and more advanced maritime safety and homeland security topics.

Download a PDF of the complete AUP Program of Study. This document includes a complete listing of courses, operational qualifications, course substitutions, procedures for course completion and graduation,and important links.  The information below is a summary.

AUP Graduation Requirements

An enrolled student that completes this U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Program of Study will be recognized as a "AUP Graduate".  Students who do not complete the Program of Study will be designated as "Incomplete".  Students that began in AUP but who later transferred to and graduated from the Coast Guard Academy will also receive "AUP Graduate" recognition.  All students must complete the following in order to graduate from AUP:
  • Degree completion (undergraduate or higher) from the institution at which student is enrolled;
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP);
  • Minimum of 12 credits from the AUP Program of Study;
  • All 10 "General Nautical Requirements" courses at the 100-level;
  • At least 1 "Elective" course at the 200-level;
  • At least 1 "Maritime Leadership Capstone" course at the 300 or 400-level;
  • At least 1 Operational Qualification from the AUP Program of Study;
  • Favorable Unit Officer endorsement certifying satisfactory participation in regular Leadership Labs.
A minimum of 8 credits must be completed while enrolled in AUP.  Note that students who have already completed a number of Auxiliary courses prior to enrolling in AUP may need to complete more than 12 credits in order to obtain the minimum 8 that must be earned while enrolled in AUP.  The goal of this practice is to ensure that students are involved, active, and learning within AUP in a substantive way for at least 12-24 months prior to earning recognition as an AUP Graduate.

Students at the Masters or Doctoral level, as well as University Faculty, may submit a brief proposal to the AUP Academics staff in order to join AUP as “Research Fellows” for the purpose of contributing research or subject matter expertise to the Coast Guard.  These individuals are enrolled only upon case by case approval, and will not be designated as “graduates” upon their departure from AUP unless they also complete program of study requirements.

Graduating students must submit the AUP Student Record during their last semester, recommended 45-60 days in advance of graduation.  This form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  Once completed the form should be sent to the AUP Personnel Program Manager.

General Nautical Requirements

All students must complete each of the courses below prior to graduation.
All students must choose and complete at least one elective.  Electives have been designed to provide students with knowledge that prepares them to earn a corresponding qualification through further on the job training, but passage of an elective course does not require that the qualification be earned.  Students may complete more than one if they choose.

AUP 210 - Boat Operations

Serve as crew on on the water, underway on small boats.

AUP 240 - Vessel Exams

Keep others safe on the water through annual inspections.
Course Material Coming Soon

AUP 220 - Telecomms

Serve in an operational USCG radio room or command center.
Course Material Coming Soon

AUP 250 - Public Affairs

Serve the Coast Guard as journalist, photographer, more.

AUP 230 - Marine Safety

Focus on safety and protection of the marine environment.

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