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    ICEC strives to ensure a healthy environment in Iowa by improving environmental literacy.  ICEC promotes  innovative educational methods and strategies; develops diverse partnerships; facilitates networking; provides access to information, research and trends; and embraces a balanced perspective on environmental issues. 

    2014 Executive Committee:

    Jane Shuttleworth (Elected 1-2011)
    Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

    Brian Gibbs (Elected 1-2011)
    Clayton County Conservation Board

    Kathleen Scholl (Re-Elected 1-2012)
    Associate Professor
    University of Northern Iowa
    Recreation, Research & Service Coordinator
    School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services

    Ed Saehler (Re-Elected 1-2012)

    Environmental Education Coordinator
    U.I. Wildlife Camps & School of the Wild

    Kristin Simon (Re-Elected 1-2013)
    Solid Waste Planner

    Heather Olsen (Re-Elected 1-2013)
    Associate Professor
    University of Northern Iowa
    School of HPELS
    Leisure, Youth, and Human Service Division

    Emily Kein (Elected 1-2014)
    Boone County Conservation Board

    Lisa Ralls (Elected 1-2014)
    Winnebago County Conservation Board

    Martha Tushaus McCormick, MS (Elected 1-2014)
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