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    ICEC Achievements 2012-14

    • Midwest Environmental Education Conference (MEEC) – September 2013
      • Four State participation
      • Introduced NGSS and STEM
      • REAP-CEP Sponsored
    • Next Generation Science Standards and Environmental Education seminar – January 2014
    • Networking
      • Department of Education,  Science Consultant
      • Iowa Association of Naturalists (IAN)
      • Department of Natural Resources DNR)
      • Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), 
      • North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) 
      • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Region 7)
      • Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS)
      • American Camping Association (ACA Iowa)
      • And more
    • New website being developed
    • Workshops – Renew, Refresh and Inspire!

    Excellence Award Winners

    The Iowa Association of Naturalists (IAN) and the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition (ICEC) are proud to announce this year’s recipients of their Conservation and Environmental Education Excellence Awards Program. The winners are as follows:

    Bohumil Shimek Environmental Educator Award

    For Outstanding Efforts by an Environmental Educator

    Christina Roelofs -Shelby & Audubon County Conservation Boards

    Christina Roelofs, a shared naturalist with Shelby & Audubon County Conservation Boards, has been awarded the

    Bohumil Shimek Environmental Educator Award. Christina was hired in 2000 and has since developed two foundations to help increase funding for EE programming, developed two websites, writes a quarterly newsletter, develops school programs, campground programs and summer day camps, serves on numerous committees including Winterfest and is a certified Hunter Education instructor as well as National Archery in the Schools Program instructor.  Furthermore, she has spent numerous volunteer hours working with Kay Newman, a wildlife rehabilitator, in order to obtain the necessary permits to keep a Screech Owl, two Red-tailed Hawks, two Bald Eagles and coming soon, an endangered Barn Owl.  Congratulations to Christina for all you do for BOTH Shelby and Audubon County Conservation Boards.

    Outstanding Environmental Education Program (2 or less naturalists)

    Washington County Conservation Board

    Washington County is this year’s winner of the Outstanding Environmental Education Program.  They have one full time naturalist, who works on a small budget to create a quarterly newsletter and present programming.  This year was there 50th anniversary and both the newsletter and Halloween Hike celebrated the history of their organization and careers in conservation.  In 2012-2013 they led 318 programs and reached 12,944 participants.  In addition to programming many other projects throughout the park have been completed including paved trails that have enhanced the park use. 

    Outstanding Environmental Education Program (2.5 or more naturalists)

    Linn County Conservation Board

    The Linn County Conservation Board won the IAN/ICEC award for Outstanding Environmental Education Program with three or more interpreters.  The four Naturalist employed by Linn County have a combined experience of seventy-seven years.  This past year they have doubled the size of their nature center, the Wickiup Hill Learning Center.  Approximately thirty schools have come to their nature center. Over the past year they have conducted 312 educational programs.  In the past five years they have reached over 70,000 people through their outstanding Environmental Education efforts.  

    Ada Hayden Conservation Education Award

    For Outstanding Efforts to Educate About Preservation, Land Management, or Natural

    Resource Conservation

    Tammy Turner -Black Hawk County Waste Reduction and County Conservation

    For 14 years Tammy Turner has been a leader in garbage. She can tell you where to stick your plastic and how many times cardboard can be recycled before it becomes just another roll of toilet paper.  Over the years Tammy has implemented countless programs including, convenient campground recycling, rain garden construction, composting 101 and vermicomposting. But Tammy goes beyond the typical 40 hour work week; she spends her weekends teaching friends and neighbors the value of rain barrels and how you can really make dirt out of old veggies, brown leaves and paper. Recently she wrote a grant that enabled Waste Trac to buy recycling bins that can be used throughout the community free of charge. The bins debuted this year at Irishfest and Tammy was there throughout the weekend taking pictures and making sure everyone knew how to properly use the bins.  Tammy Turner exemplifies what it means to live your passion and Iowa is lucky to have her! Congratulations Tammy on receiving the 2013 Ada Hayden Conservation Education Award.

    “Ding” Darling Environmental Education Award

    For Outstanding EE Program or Event which Informs and Educates the General Public

    Lee County Conservation Board

    Since 2003 Lee County Conservation has facilitated “Outdoor Adventure Camp”. The camp, funded in part by Three Rivers Conservation Foundation, offers recreational opportunities for local youth at an affordable price.  Activities include; archery, gun safety, kayaking, fly fishing and trapping.  By the end of the 3 day camp, participants know how to safely shot a deer, skin a pheasant and trap a raccoon. Nearly four hundred campers have participated over the last 10 years and through generous donations and CCB enthusiasm, this program will continue for another 10 years.

    Sylvan Runkel Environmental Education School Award

    For Outstanding Whole-School EE Program

    Central Lutheran School -Benton County

    This award commends an outstanding whole school environmental education program. The staff and students at Central Lutheran School took on a task that blossomed into a great outdoor classroom. They started working with Benton CCB in March of 2013 to design and implement a plan to reduce energy costs to the school and enhance the school grounds. After much research and grant writing, the students and Benton CCB planted 52 native trees and temperature gauges. With guidance from BCCB theses students have taken ownership in these trees and continue to study the effects of the trees on the energy costs of the school as well as the trees themselves.

    Chris Holt Youth Environmental Education Award,

    Outdoor P.E. Program of the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center - Scott County Conservation Board

    The Outdoor P.E. Program of the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center has partnered with the Davenport Community School District’s P.E. class to promote healthy outdoor recreation with sustainability in mind. The program runs for three weeks in spring and again in the fall and is offered to upper-classmen in Davenport Central High School. The classes hold up to 20 students in each class with 2 classes each spring/fall that are given programming in Fish Iowa & Take Me Fishing units, canoeing, and kayaking. Program highlights include: aquatic stewardship, healthy habitats, resource management, catch & release, boater safety (including self rescue), & ethics. The success of the program caught the attention of Davenport North High School administrators, and now the North High School P.E. class has joined the Outdoor P.E. Program introducing yet another class of up to 20 students. The program is led by Director/Naturalist Dave Murcia, and this year alone has completed 26 classes reaching 433 high school students and teachers.

    Non-Print Media Award

     Okoboji Osprey Web Camera - Dickinson County Conservation Board
    This past year Dickinson County Conservation Board installed a camera on a 60 foot high osprey nesting platform. The camera is a “birds-eye view” of well, a bird. Over the course of the summer the redesigned Dickinson website had over 70,000 page views.  Much of this traffic was to view the family of osprey that took up residence on the nesting platform.  Along with increase website visitation, naturalist traveled throughout the county delivering programs about Iowa’s osprey population.  Congrats on DCCB for such a highly successful camera placement and spreading the word about this beautiful fish hawk that calls Iowa home.

    Outstanding Volunteer

    Any & Pam Stone -Jasper County

    The 2013 Volunteer Award goes to a special pair in Jasper County. Andy and Pam Stone are more than just husband and wife—they are both former teachers, conservation enthusiasts, world travelers, and two outstanding volunteers for Jasper County Conservation and other local environmental organizations. According to Keri Van Zante, JCCB Director, “The Stones are always willing and able to help out with nearly any of our program requests, whether they are well planned out field trips or last minute panic attacks!  If they are in the State of Iowa, they are right there with us to take on whatever group of kids or adults we are educating.  Both are skilled speakers and are highly knowledge about the outdoors.  There isn’t a conservation subject matter that I can think of that they wouldn’t be able to present, and present well!” Whether it is helping with the annual Halloween Hike, leading a station for a field trip, or being the official timers at the “Off the Beaten Path” race, Andy and Pam contributions to the Jasper County Conservation Board are greatly appreciated and admired by many. Congratulations Pam and Andy!

    Aldo Leopold Environmental Education Award

    For Lifetime Achievement in EE Excellence and Leadership

    Chris Adkins -Dallas County Conservation Board

    Chris Adkins is this year’s Aldo Leopold Environmental Education recipient.  This award recognizes individuals who have made lifelong commitments to environmental education.  Since 1997, Chris has been a naturalist for Dallas County Conservation.   His teachings favor feelings over facts, stories over technology, and always invite each person to discover their sense of place by developing a deeper connection to the land they call home.  Through these native lessons, Chris has empowered thousands of young children and adults to discover their Iowan roots, but he has also expanded high school student’s capacity to feel alive, by taking them on wilderness treks in the mountains of Idaho.   By greeting you with a “hey brother, or hey sister,” Chris extends his kinship to all of us.  So join me in giving Chris Adkins an applause of gratitude for his commitment to connecting us to a world full of hope, peace and beauty.


    Thank you to all who made the Midwest Environmental Conference a great experience! 

    Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education will host in the future! 

    PayPal home

    ICEC now uses PayPal!  PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, PayPal will make membership, merchandise and registrations for conference payments much easier!     We now accept credit cards and PayPal on our website  To become a member or renew your membership click on the ICEC membership application on the sidebar of our web page! 

    Greetings Environmental Educators!

    Are you confused by the alphabet soup of education - ELP, STEM, ELA, NGSS and connecting it to EE!

    Are you confused by the difference between leading an "activity" vs talking a "project approach"? 

    Do you need inspiration and feedback creating and marketing your programs? 

    Do you have a success to share with other educators?

    The Iowa conservation Education Coalition is here for you as a resource to connect with other formal and informal educators, as well as to keep up on trends while staying grounded in our commitment to empower Iowa's formal and nonfor
    mal educators to promote environmental literacy and facilitate networking.

    We look forward to seeing you all at MEEC and remember to look ahead to future conferences!

    Chair - Jane Shuttleworth

    Congratulations to ICEC's new executive committee members: Emily Klein, Martha McCormick, and Lisa Ralls. 

    A big thank you to Kristin Simon for serving on the ICEC board and the MEEC Committee!  Our new board member is Diane Blankenship

    Summer!  Hot weather, nesting birds, growing crops, no school, swimming, hiking, or just lying outside in the grass and looking at the clouds!  That's what summers all about.

    So, how can you incorporate environmental education at this time of year?  Try the following activities from the KinderNature website!    For preschoolers, try Honey bees, Nature Nuts – plants butterflies, salamanders, fish, owls; Night, Nature Tots Reptiles and Beavers  For toddlers, try  Over in the Pond, Birds, Mudluscious, Splish Splash, Bees

    Playin’ in the mud! That’s what I did growing up! Mud, a sandbox, a playhouse, and the cherry tree to climb are my memories of childhood. Today, it seems that our children are not encouraged to participate in these activities.  Being clean, watching TV, and spending time at the computer seem to be a higher priority.

    Many of the activities on the KinderNature website are aligned with the Multiple Intelligences learning styles.  We have now compared the Multiple Intelligences to Iowa's Early Learning Standards.  Find this comparison under Development in the Multiple Intelligences section.

    The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has developed a new education resources webpage and blog called Outdoor Explorations for Early Learners.  Their site has many activities, snack ideas, book lists, and many resources that can help connect your children with nature.

    We want to hear from YOU!
    We encourage early childhood educators to send “nature/science” activities that have worked in the classroom or at home to  We’ll review them and give you credit on the KinderNature website.
    We hope you will check out our links page, too.  There are many other exciting sites to visit!



    Reconnecting Children with Nature – Growing Up WILD

    This workshop leads you out the door and provides hands on activities and resource materials to help you lead your own nature explorations. Growing Up WILD activities use age appropriate practices and concepts to build on children’s sense of wonder and invites them to explore nature and the world around them. Specially written for children 3-7, activities include sections to address many learning areas: math, science, language, literacy, health living, play, and creativity.

    This workshop has been approved for 4 clock hours of DHS continuing education credit.

    The Growing Up WILD activity guide was a culmination of work by natural resource agencies, early childhood professionals, and educators. Activities have been correlated to national standards for early childhood education – NAEYC Criteria for Curriculum, Head Start Child Outcomes Framework and the NAAEE Early Childhood Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence. Additional correlations have been drafted to Iowa Early Childhood program and curriculum standards – Quality Preschool Program Standards, Iowa Early Learning Standards, and the Iowa Core Curriculum.

    Upcoming Workshops
    American Camping Association
    Call for Presentations

    You will want to be a part of the Great Rivers Fall Conference.  Share your talents, expertise and program ideas with Great Rivers Camp and Youth Development Professionals.   Please complete the submission form and send to Katie Moses at   by August 1, 2014.  Presentation focus ACA Core Competencies  Participants include: frontline youth development staff, counselors, directors, and executive director.  Sessions are 75 minutes in length.

    For more information and questions, please contact Nicole Rottinghaus  or Katie Moses

    "Iowa School Counselors: Putting It All Together"
    The 2014 Iowa School Counseling Conference will be held November 3 and 4 at the Prairie Meadows Conference Center in Altoona, Iowa. Four different pre-conference sessions will also be available on November 2 from 3:30-7:00 pm.
    Iowa School Counselor Association

    Girl Scouts of greater Iowa

    Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

    In this brand-new session offered to girls
    entering grades 8-12, teens will learn how to
    save the environment while having a blast!
    Camp Sacajawea, located in Boone, IA,has
    received grant funds from the Iowa DNR to
    offer a 12-day overnight session for teen girls.
    Girls will travel as a group to Honey Creek
    Resort State Park to kayak, hike, stargaze, and
    learn about the park’s
    environmentally-friendly practices. Then they
    return to Camp Sacajawea to complete
    projects to help make camp more “green.” It is
    the perfect camp for girls who are interested
    in environmental sciences, nature, community
    involvement, or just having a great time with
    new friends!


    Where: Camp Sacajawea
    638 L Avenue
    Boone, IA 50036
    When: July 6-18
    Cost: $420 (scholarships available)
    To sign up or learn more about our camp programs, visit
    No previous Girl Scout experience required, simply begin your membership with this awesome new program!
    Financial Aid Available!

    Saturday, October 4, 2014
    8:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m.
    Anderson Conservation Area (2059 190th St., Red Oak, IA 51566)
    Registration: Iowa Child Care Providers Training Registry— Click on Search Trainings, then search Reconnecting in the Title.
    Registration Deadline: September 19, 2014
    Registration Fee: $30 - your enrollment will be complete when payment is received: mail to Montgomery County Extension, 400 Bridge St. Suite 2, Red Oak, IA 51566; a limited number of $10 scholarships are available

    Outdoor Explorations for Early Learners
    This Inquiry Based Outdoor Exploration workshop is designed to help early childhood professionals lead children in age-appropriate, interdisciplinary outdoor experiences. You will be introduced to strategies, skills, and resources (including Growing Up WILD and Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood) to build upon children's sense of wonder about the world around them through relevant, inquiry-based exploration.

    Both activity guides were a culmination of work by natural resources agencies, early childhood professionals, and educators. Activities have been correlated to national standards for early childhood education. Additional correlations have been drafted to Iowa Early Childhood program and curriculum standards.

    ·         Growing Up WILD activities, specially written for children age 3-7, include sections to address many learning areas: math, science, language, literacy, health living, play, and creativity.

    ·         Project Learning Tree's Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood encourages children to explore, discover, and communicate in expressive ways.

    This workshop has been approved for 15 clock hours of DHS continuing education credit and 1 teacher licensure recertification credit or 1 graduate credit (Drake University).

    Upcoming Workshops
    June 24 & 25, 2014
    8:00 AM-5:15 p.m. (6/24/2014)
    8:00 AM-3:30 p.m. (6/25/2014)
    Benton County Conservation Nature Center, (5718 20th Ave Dr., Vinton, IA 52349)
    Registration: Grant Wood AEA
    Registration Deadline: June 6, 2014