Welcome Thirdsters!

Welcome to Mrs. Westmoreland's Third Grade Class Website.

I'm super excited about this school year.  After being a parent of Manzanita for 9 years, and hanging up my hat as an official Manzanita Mom, I am excited to join the Third Grade Team.  My education, experience as a substitute, and my participation as a parent in the Catalina Foothills School District has prepare me for this position.  

In Third Grade students will experience a multitude of hands on activities like the annual Manzanita Third Grade Greek and Roman Day, to the adventurous Old West Quest field trip. On this field trip we will explore the historic towns of Bisbee and Tombstone. In Bisbee we will travel on a mining train into the famous Copper Queen Mine while in Tombstone we will take a short ride in a horse drawn stagecoach through the old town.   

Students will have a chance to get lost in some funny, silly, adventurous books by Roald Dahl during read aloud.  They will continue to practice selecting "just right" books for themselves from our classroom library, and explore non-fiction and fiction books in large and small reading groups.  I hope to see students 'get lost' in their books.  Students will also have the chance to lead small group discussions about their reading.   

In math this year we will continue to develop their mathematical skills by encouraging deep thinking about the problems.  Students will not just be expected to solve the problems, but also be able to explain and prove their thinking.  This year students will take weekly Math Fast Fact Test on Fridays.  They are expected to solve 100 problems in 5 minutes.  At the beginning of the year I assess them to see where their fact knowledge is.  They all begin with addition and will only move onto subtraction once they have mastered the addition problems.  Once they have mastered these, they will move to multiplication.  Then last working on their division fact.  

Manzanita is a Blue Ribbon school not just because of the students, staff and parents but because of the Catalina Foothills District.  Our district has been thoughtful in paving the way for the education of our children, while being mindful of Arizona's Budget; as a result students in the Catalina Foothills School District have the opportunity to receive an incredible public education.  

I am looking forward to working with you and your child during the school year.  Feel free to contact me at any point with questions or concerns.  It is the partnership we create that will help your child to be their best! 

Mrs. Westmoreland