Welcome To Interdisciplinary Studies...IDS

     Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) addresses the needs of students identified both as verbally and quantitatively gifted, who exhibit high levels of non-verbal reasoning ability, and who demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary study beyond that offered in the regular classroom. CFSD curriculum standards/benchmarks form the base from which learning experiences and opportunities are developed. This advanced level of study requires students to extend, question, and invent, as well as to design products that require a deep understanding of the interactions of human beings in their worlds. IDS provides qualitatively different instruction to meet students’ needs through differentiation that addresses the pace at which students learn, the depth to which topics are explored, the complexity of content and materials, and the opportunity to pursue or incorporate students’ own interests into their studies. The gifted specialist meets with IDS students for four (4) hours per week.

  • At the 3rd grade level, IDS focuses on writing and critical reading in the context of other disciplines such as mathematics, science, and social studies.

  • At the 4th grade level, IDS focuses on science, research, and critical reading.

  • At the 5th grade level, IDS focuses on social studies, research, and critical reading. 

    For more detailed information, please visit our District's website at... http://www.cfsd16.org/application/files/8614/7386/5158/Gifted_Framework.pdf