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AP Lang Summer HW: New to the District?

posted Aug 8, 2017, 3:04 PM by FH Tiffany Meginnes

Those of you new to the district, please make sure you apprise yourself of the summer reading assignment linked on the English department site. While I understand that time is short, my expectation is that you will make some progress towards the completion of the assignment by the time I see you on Thursday, and complete as much as you can by Monday 8/14. 

In strategizing your time, I recommend you begin by selecting the two essays that were assigned and commonplacing from those; then, try picking up a copy of The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. It's a short craft book that you should be able to complete, and as novels about writing craft are the part of the assignment you are least likely to have encountered elsewhere in your reading, it would be a good item to prioritize. 

If you can catch up on the craft book and the essays by Monday 8/14, you should be in good shape. Otherwise, know that adjustments will be made to account for your situation based on how long you have been enrolled.

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