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      Welcome to my home page. This page has been designed to give general information that applies to all my classes.

A little about my classes...
I teach six sections of Spanish. Four sections are Spanish for 1a, one section is Spanish Heritage Learners 1 and one section is Spanish Heritage Learners (SHL 1 & 2)

For current assignments and due dates, 
please see your Google Classroom
and ParentVUE/ StudentVUE Calendar

EOS 's End of the Semester Assessments Schedule

- Tuesday, December 12th - Friday, December 15th: Speaking EOS's 

- Monday, December 11th: Written EOS's

- Tuesday, December 12th: Reading EOS's 

- Thursday, December 14th: Listening EOS's 

Grading Practices for the World Language Department are as follows:

Regular class assignment (Writing, Reading, Listening): weighted at 1
√ Regular class assignments (Speaking): weighted at 2
√ Midterm CPA’s*  (Writing, Reading, Listening): weighted at 2
√ Mid-term CPA’s* (Speaking): weighted at 3
√ Finals EOS/EOY*(Writing, Reading, Listening): weighted at 3
√ Finals EOS/EOY*(Speaking): weighted at 4
√ Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) weighted at .2

*CPA’s: Common Performance Assessments

*EOS: End of the Semester Assessments

*EOY: End of the Year Assessments