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6th Grade Intermediate Band

Playing Test
-Brass & Percussion: 4/22
-Woodwinds: 4/23

"Harry Potter"
Everyone: m. 58 - 69 
In addition, these instruments should also prepare:
Flute:  m. 1 - 25
1st Clarinet:  m. 35 - 49
Alto Saxophone:  m. 35 - 49, 69 - 77
Saxophone:  m. 69 - 77, 102
Bassoon:  m. 102, 77 - 87
Trumpet:  m. 49 - 58, 77 - 80
Horn:  m. 49 - 58, 77 - 83
Baritone:  m. 69 - 77, 95 - 104
Percussion:  m. 52 - 72 (in AFTERBURN in addition to Harry Potter)

OGMS Cultural Luncheon

-Orange Grove hosts a cultural luncheon every year to celebrate the diversity in our world, community, and even here at school.  The band program takes this time to explore music written by composers from around the world or melodies with history from another country.
  The assignment includes preparing a melody from the red Standard of Excellence book that is written by a non-American composer/from another country and writing a paragraph on interesting facts about the composer, melody, and/or the culture the music is from.  (Other musical selections can be approved via Mr. Patterson.)  Students will play their piece for the class and turn in their paragraph for a grade, and students will also have the opportunity to perform for the OGMS Cultural Luncheon based on their audition.  (The in-class performance will count as the audition if the student wishes to be considered for the Cultural Luncheon.) 

Cultural Luncheon Paragraph due:  Woodwinds/Percussion - Wednesday, January 23rd.  Brass - Tuesday, January 22nd.
In-Class Performance:  Woodwind/Percussion on Wednesday, January 23rd.  Brass on Friday, January 18th.  (We will not have enough time to hear everyone's piece, so performances will continue into the following week as well.)

***Students who audition and are selected will have the opportunity to play for the Cultural Luncheon on Thursday, January 24th during 2nd lunch, or Friday, January 25th during the school assembly.

Playing Test #5
- "Home On The Range"  # 120 on pg. 27 in the Red Book.

Woodwinds/Percussion: Wednesday, December 5th
Brass:  Friday, December 7th

*Hello 6th Grade!  Keep up the great practicing at home as your prepare for more playing tests.  Here are a few tips on how often you should practice:  Please continue to practice your instrument at home and remember that more frequent practice time, (20 - 30 minutes,) daily is more productive than trying to crunch several hours of practice in one day.  Your muscle memory and embouchure need the repetition of daily practice in order to improve.  Continue reviewing past tunes we have worked on, and alway remember to warm-up before jumping right into new pieces!  When playing through concert music, don't only play your favorite part, but isolate about 2 difficult measures at a time to concentrate on.  Remember, slow practice tempos are critical to building solid technique!  

Welcome to the 6th Grade Int. Band page!  Please continue to check this page on the OGMS Band website to be updated on what your student should be practicing, helpful practice tips, and what material will be tested for playing grades.

Playing Test #1  (Please click on the "6th Int. Test 1 Rubric" below for details.)

Woodwinds: Wednesday, September 5th
Brass/Percussion: Tuesday, September 4th

Students can come in on Wednesday Late-Starts for "Academic Assistance" from 8:55 - 9:20am for help, and students may also retake a playing grade to improve their score before each quarter is over.
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