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¡Hola! Welcome to the website for Señor Olmstead's Spanish classes. Have a look around and if you don't find what you're looking for, send me an email at solmstead@cfsd16.org.


1/10/18 - Students who are interested in earning the Seal of Biliteracy award may now register for the STAMP Test, which will be given March 9. Registration preference will be given to juniors and seniors. More info about the Seal of Biliteracy is here.

1/7/18 - ¡Feliz año nuevo! I've added a new podcast to the Spanish Study Links page. It's the Duolingo Spanish Podcast. The producers say this podcast presents "fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language.I listened to a couple of the stories and thought they were great. This podcast could be a really useful tool if your New Year's Resolution is to improve your listening skills! Check it out and see if you like it.

10/24/17 - I've added NASA Ciencia to my list of Spanish study links. This is the Spanish version of Nasa SpacePlace. If you are into science, this can be great reading practice! You can read about all kinds of topics related to earth and space science. The are lots of short articles and blurbs, and they are at a kids' reading level. I love it!

8/22/17 - I just added KnowSpanish.com to my Spanish study links page. (See the menu on the left.) This site claims you can expand your Spanish vocabulary by 20,000 words if you learn their 14 Major Rules. It's a cool look at how similar many words are between English and Spanish and the patterns that can help you correctly "guess" new words in Spanish. 

I have a bit of a backlog of sites to review at the moment, but next on my list is Anki.

8/15/17 - AP Spanish class syllabus is now available here.

8/8/17 - Spanish 4 class syllabus is now available here.

8/7/17 - I'm looking forward to meeting everyone soon! I will an updated class syllabus posted on this site in time for the first full week of classes. 

The WL Department has been working hard during the summer to revise and update our scoring rubrics. One outcome of this process is that the grading scale will be better aligned with other rubric-based content areas, such as English, Social Studies, and Kinetic Wellness. New rubrics will be posted soon, and we will be sure to look at them together in class.

¡Nos vemos pronto!

- Sr. O

Bird of the Month
(El pájaro del mes)

Each month I will feature a different bird found in Latin America.

Fasciated Antshrike
January 2018 :: Fasciated Antshrike (Cymbilaimus lineatus)

Like most members of the antbird family, Fasciated Antshrikes are fond of dark shady places inside forest. This particular species (about the size of a robin) can usually be found haunting dark, dense vine tangles, where it is very difficult to see, given its camouflaged, striped plumage and secretive habits. Fasciated Antshrikes are more often heard than seen, and if you learn to recognize their mournful whistled song, you will realize they are not uncommon in many forested areas. (Listen to a recording of the song here.) With a powerful, stout bill this species is equipped for hunting large insects and other arthropods. Fasciated Antshrikes are found throughout the Amazon Basin as well as in the remaining mature rainforests of Central America, north as far as Honduras. The main threat to this species is destruction of old-growth rainforests. I snapped this shot in Costa Rica at La Selva Biological Station.