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¡Hola! Welcome to the website for Señor Olmstead's Spanish classes. Have a look around and if you don't find what you're looking for, send me an email at solmstead@cfsd16.org.


1/15/17 - ¡Feliz año nuevo! It's a new year and a new semester, and a chance for a new outlook, new plans, and new habits. Check out this post from About.Spanish.com about how to talk about things beginning.

10/31/16 - I've just discovered a new site that I just added to the "Spanish study links" page. Reporteros de la historia  is a Youtube channel with lots of short animated videos on a range of historical topics (mostly 1-3 minutes long). If you click on "Playlists" you'll see there are lots of videos on a variety of different civilizations and cultures, including the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas. This is perfect listening practice for Spanish 4 students, and way to learn more about the civilizations we studied in Unit 1.

10/16/16 - How well do you really know your verb tenses?  Take this test to find out how well you can recognize all the major verb tenses in Spanish.

10/3/16 - As you may have heard, CFSD has adopted the Arizona Seal of Biliteracy, which is an award that recognizes high school graduates who are proficient in English and another world language, such as Spanish. Students demonstrating proficiency of Intermediate Mid or Higher can earn the award. Registration for the STAMP 4S test is now open for juniors and seniors; the Fall test is scheduled for November 18. You can find a lot of info about the Seal of Biliteracy award and the test in this folder on Google Drive.

9/15/16 - I've added some new resources on the "Spanish study links" page. (See the menu to the left.) One is Learn Spanish Feel Good!, which is a site with lots of great grammar practice exercises. Check it out!

8/4/16 - I'm looking forward to meeting everyone soon! I will have some documents such as the updated class syllabus posted on this site in time for the first full week of classes. Nos vemos pronto, either at Open House or on Thursday, August 11!

¡Nos vemos pronto!

- Sr. O

Bird of the Month
(El pájaro del mes)

Each month I will feature a different bird found in Latin America.

King Vulture

March 2017 :: King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa)

Except for the condors, the King Vulture is the largest vulture in the Americas and one of the largest birds of prey in the New World overall. King Vultures live in a large range, from Mexico throughout Central America and across much of South America, but they are only found where large tracts of old-growth tropical forest remain. Like other vultures, they feed on dead animals; at a carcass the King Vulture is in charge, and other vultures such as the Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture step aside for it to eat! Vultures have no syrinx (the voice box in birds) and therefore can't make any noise except simple hisses, so they use visual cues like posturing to communicate with each other. I snapped this shot in December 2015 on my trip to Belize. Making it even more special, we watched this bird soaring from atop a Maya temple! (Photo of the temple is below.) The King Vulture was a distinctive bird for the Mayas and can be seen depicted in their glyphs (symbols used for writing).

The High Temple at Lamanai (Belize)

We were on top of that temple when the vulture soared over!