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Sue Nicholson


Monday-Tuesday- Thursday- Friday
7:00 am-2:45 pm

9:00 am-2:45 pm

Username: ogstudent
Password: panthers

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The library has a collection of books, magazines, and other resources that will appeal to students with varying interest and reading levels.

Students are welcome to come in during any class period as long as you have a written pass from your teacher. The library will always be open for quiet activities before school starts and during the lunch periods unless there is a class scheduled.

Students are able to check out five items at a time and you are able to have them for four weeks. Please contact the Library Clerk about the policy for unreturned materials.

Online Textbooks

 Grade 6- 
The Language of Literature
 Grade 8- The Language of Literature
 Grade 7- The Language of Literature  Grades 6-8- Science Explorer
 Math 8- Pre-Algebra  Math 8 Accelerated- Intermediate Algebra
 Math 6- Math  Math 7- Math Course 2

 Avancemos 1

 Avancemos 1a
 Avancemos 1b

 Avancemos 2
 Nuevas vistas Curso Uno (Online Availability Not Offered)  Nuevas vistas Curso Dos (Online Availability Not Offered)
 Grade 7- AMERICA History of our Nation  Grade 6- World History