As your Curriculum Technology Integrators or CTI, I would love to work with you in your classroom. Some of the things that I could help do include:

  • Provide direct support via coaching, team teaching, or modeling to support student use of technology.
  • Support your implementation of new technology.
  • Support teaching and using Systems Thinking tools.
  • Collaborating to design lesson plans that appropriately and effectively integrate technology.
  • Create PD that supports what you want to learn about. 
  • Model the safe use of technology and web-based applications/learning tools.
  • Assist students who are using mobile devices for classroom-based lessons.
  • Provide tech support for students creating a multimedia presentations.
  • Instruct students on the use of online textbooks and technology tools.
  • Coordinate the acquisition of technology tools and apps.
  • Work to incorporate the CFSD K-12 Technology standards into curricular areas. 
  • Train and provide oversight in the use of Synergy, our online grading and attendance program.
Check out these sources at the CFSD Ed Tech site.

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