7th Grade English Language Arts

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Here you will find all the pertinent information about what is happening in our class. 
Below is a list of behavior expectations that we created as a class. Please remember that we strive for a kind and respectful classroom where everyone can learn!

Be sure to keep an eye on the class calendar to stay up to date on what is happening in class and to keep track of due dates. Google Classroom is your next stop for staying on top of what we're doing. 

Classroom Expectations:
1 - Respect yourself, your teacher, your peers, and your surroundings.
2- Raise your hand silently to speak.
3- Do not talk when someone else is talking!
4- Follow all directions quickly, the first time they are given.

Positive Behavior Consequence:
  • An individual reward or shout out
  • A panther pride ticket
  • A class review game
  • Music during work time
  • A positive note or email home
  • 5 minutes of free time
Negative Behavior Consequence:
  • A verbal warning (individual or whole class) 
  • A seat move and a Behavior Rethink Sheet
  • A loss of a reward or privilege
  •  An email or call home
  • A long term loss of an in class privilege
  • A referral