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READ- Every night 20-30 minutes
  • This is an assignment that will run throughout the year. Students will record books they finish in the back of their binder in the Reading section. Format for this is: Title, Author, Brief one sentence summary of the book. Their personal goal is to read 2-3 books on their own per quarter.
Week of 9-18-17
  • Monday- Tonight, even if you feel you’ve already found the ‘right’ ending, continue to draft a few different ways your ending might go.
  • Tuesday- Editing for clarity- read out loud (to a parent, friend, sibling, etc.) sentence by sentence. Does each sentence create the clearest vision of what is happening, and move along the ideas and feelings of the piece?
  • Wednesday- Come to class tomorrow with a final, polished piece! 
  • Thursday- Read (don't forget- Independent Reading Literary Log due October 2nd!)
  • Friday- Read ch. 1-2 of The Giver
Week of 9-11-17
  • Monday- Use your 2 post-it note techniques to revise your writing. Don't forget to focus on what your story is really about. 
  • Tuesday-  Volume is important- whether you are adding a new scene from the past, the future, or both, your goal for tonight should be to produce two pages of writing.
  • Wednesday-  Use everything you have learned to generate a new and powerful personal narrative- at least two pages.
  • Thursday- One more personal narrative draft! Choose your seed idea. 
  • Friday-  Begin revising in other ways. Ask, “What is this piece missing? What part feels weak to me?” Use revision strategies to make it better.
Week of 9-4-17
  • Monday- NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday- 2 pages- use your writer's checklist! 
  • Wednesday- choose the lead that works really, really well. This may mean you have to write a few more! 
  • Thursday- share your flash draft with someone at home! 
  • Friday- practice your new writing goal whether it is with a new piece, or with an older piece! 
Week of 8-28-17
  • Monday- Challenge yourself! Write 2 pages for tomorrow.
  • Tuesday- Write about moments that really matter- 2 pages for tomorrow! 
  • Wednesday- Independent Reading Literary Log Due October 2nd. 
  • Thursday- Edit as you write! 2 pages for tomorrow! 
  • Friday- If you completed a significant amount of writing in class (1 page or more), no homework! Please write at least 1 page. Have a great 3 day weekend. 
Week of 8-21-17
  • Monday- Read
  • Tuesday- Read
  • Wednesday- Read
  • Thursday- Read
  • Friday- Finish writing goals. Write 1 1/2 to 2 pages of personal narrative. Focus on one moment! 
Week of 8-14-17
  • Monday- Syllabus due TODAY.
  • Tuesday- Illustrate elements of a short story.
  • Wednesday- Read
  • Thursday- Read
  • Friday- Read
Week of 8-10-17
  •    Thursday- Syllabus 
  • Friday- Syllabus (due Monday)

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