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8th grade assignments

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Week of 8/31-9/4

posted by EC Mary Givens

M. 8/31
Final versions of Solve epidemic disease in Africa are due Wednesday, 9/2

Week of 8/24-28

posted Aug 24, 2015, 12:39 PM by EC Mary Givens   [ updated Aug 26, 2015, 2:52 PM ]

M. 8/24
Students analyzed the research data they have collected so far. Today, students generated several additional questions they needed to research and used the remaining class time to get started.
HW: Spend at least 20 dedicated minutes finding out as much as you can on your assigned question.

Absent? Look up information on local aid organizations that are active when epidemics of cholera and measles break out. What do they do? Who do they work with? What is their specialty?

Final recommendation:
1. Background of the situation including how many geographic factors influence whats' going on
2. Identify the geographic factor that is shift-able and how you would shift it to have maximum positive results on epidemics.
3. What actors must be involved to implement your recommendation.

T. 8/25
Start drafting the first section of your writing. Tomorrow you can bring your phones or ipods to class to take pics of the butcher paper research done by your colleagues. Rubric for section 1 attached below.

Draft of section 1 should be completed by Thursday.

W. 8/26
Bring completed rough draft in hard copy to class by Thursday. Remember the 3 ways to get 3+ are:
1. Categorize your 5 factors
2. Include how factors are related to each other in affecting epidemics
3. Include obvious and less-direct ways factors affect epidemics.

Week of 8/17-21

posted Aug 17, 2015, 1:40 PM by EC Mary Givens   [ updated Aug 19, 2015, 3:05 PM ]

M. 8/17
Take a dedicated 10 minutes (set a timer, no distractions during the 10 minutes) and come up with examples of ignorance, want and evil in history or currently. You might pay special attention to times when all 3 of those things are happening at the same time. What is the relationship between the 3?

T. 8/18
1. Go to the relief website http://reliefweb.int/disasters
2. Mouse over the red and orange balloons in the continent of Africa to see what these disasters are. What patterns do you notice about the most common disasters listed on the site?
3. Read the information on the disasters that fit the category you identified above. In your notes, write down the places and dates for the onset of each similar disaster - there are several. Get some specific data for each disaster that helps you define the scope/seriousness of each one. You may have to click on the information box to see more details.

Estimated time for this assignment: 15 dedicated minutes. Maybe more if you read or write more slowly. You could cut and paste info specific to the assignment into a chart, then print it and bring it to class. Don't plan on printing it during class time. Have it in your hand when you enter the classroom, please.

W. 8/19
20 dedicate minutes researching your assigned question. Bring what you find back TOMORROW and pay attention to where you got the info (we need to cite sources on this project!)

Week of 8/10-14

posted Aug 11, 2015, 2:57 PM by EC Mary Givens   [ updated Aug 13, 2015, 2:26 PM ]

M. 8/10
Get parent signature. Due Wednesday.

T. 8/11
Attached below are the resources you will be working with as we explore the relationship between ignorance, want, and evil. Preview them if you wish. We will be getting started tomorrow with "A Modest Proposal".

W. 8/12
Darn Late Start!
period 1: need to finish "Modest Proposal"? OR available to preview one of the other resources listed below?
period 7: no homework...unless you want to get started on "Modest Proposal"...
1. What is the policy being proposed by the author?
2. What are the factors the proposal is trying to address? (What are the parts of the problem the policy will fix?)
(Remember, this resource should give you more to say about the relationship between ignorance, want, and evil)

Th. 8/13
Both classes have read "A Modest Proposal". Tonight, read through the resources you got during class. The one called "Evil" was written by a student and it is the personification of evil talking directly to the reader. Pay attention!

DIRECTIONS: Read the resources and respond on the articles or in your notes by identifying ideas that relate to the "ignorance, want, evil" triangle. Remember that relationships between things can be cause/effect, reinforcing; things can cancel each other out or lessen the affects of something on something else; sometimes things can frequently be found having an affect at the same time; or one thing might be part of another larger thing...what else?
DUE: F. 8/14

Thursday, 8/6 and Friday, 8/7

posted Aug 6, 2015, 3:38 PM by EC Mary Givens

Th. 8/6
Students will show their parents/guardians the website and tell them about Remind.com.
Turn in window: Friday, 8/7 thru Wednesday, 8/12

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