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  • This is an online tool for teachers and students.  Students can create an account and submit work electronically.  Student work is checked for originality to encourage academic honesty.  Student submissions are cross referenced with text online and previous student submissions from around the country.  Teachers can use the site to evaluate student work and provide feedback.
  • Students will submit many assignments for this class via Turnitin.com.  When this is part of the assignment's requirements/criteria for success the work will not be recorded as received until it has been submitted to Turnitin.com.  This means sharing a Google doc with me will not be sufficient for completion of the assignment.
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Resources for APUSH Review

Crash Course U.S. History - Videos summarizing developments in U.S. History

Gilder Lehrman APUSH Study Guide - Videos on APUSH exam strategies and Periods 1-9

Study Resources - American Pageant outlines, vocabulary, timelines, etc.

American Pageant Chapt. Review- AP chapt. video reviews of text.

Other Resources

AP Credit Policy - Search by university/college