Lesson Ideas

Check out a resource website:

Or try one of the following ideas:
  • Analyze data from real world data sets.  Students can collect and record their own data -- about processes in the natural world, or the opinions of their peers.  Many organizations provide access real data that students can use to analyze real trends in the world.

 Data.gov -- open data from the United States government, with links to local and international sites.   UNdata -- data on international indicators -- economics, health, population --  from the UN and affiliated organziations.   The World Bank -- free access to information about over 7,000 indicators -- about development, the environment, the economy.

  • Create a timeline to record events in history, or the steps in a process.

(Click here to learn how to create a timeline in Excel.)

  • Vizualize, record, and analyze patterns, functions, and relationships in math.  Here's a helpful spreadsheet with pre-made templates for pattern recognition, work with random numbers, Pascal's triangle, and other puzzles.

  • Have students record and track their own data -- how they perform on quizzes/tests, or in athletic performances.

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This is a set of pre-made Excel spreadsheets for teachers to use K-12. Includes pattern creation/extension, random numbers, data analysis, Pascal's triangle, a variety of other puzzles and activities, and links to resources on the web. Petti, Wendy. Spreadsheets: A Dynamic Path To Understanding Math. Baltimore: National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics, 14 Oct. 2010. Spreadsheet.  523k v. 1 Jul 5, 2011, 12:13 PM CFSD CTI