:  Welcome to a new school year!  

1st quarter Reading Logs are due Tuesday, Oct 2!  Please make sure it's signed and totaled!

Replenish your paper and pencil supplies as we head into 2nd quarter!

Mid 2nd Qtr Progress Reports will be available soon!  Is all your work turned in??

2nd Quarter Reading Log due Tuesday, Dec 18

1st period classes will be "adopting" needy children and helping with their wish lists...stay tuned for details!!

As we approach winter break, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and safe and happy winter break!  

3rd quarter reading log due Tuesday, March 5 (signed and totaled please!)

Bring your lunch on Thurs, March 28...we'll have our SKYPE session in the library during lst lunch!

Daily Learning Goal:

8/9:  (Grades 6 & 7) SWBAT identify where things are and how they "work" in room 403

8/10   (Gr 6) SWBAT read and respond to short story, "Eleven", found in 6th grade anthology 
 (Gr 7) SWBAT read and respond to short story, "Seventh Grade", found in 7th grade anthology

8/13  (Gr 6) SWBAT interpret the essay, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
 (Gr 7)  SWBAT complete a personal response (as modeled in anthology p 76-77) to the short story "Seventh Grade"

8/14 (Grades 6 & 7) SWBAT write a 6 word memoir
Students will also experience 20 minutes of silent reading (will continue every Tues and Thurs throughout the school year)

8/15 (Gr 6) Students will complete a reading assessment and begin a letter to teacher (which is due on Fri, typed)
(Gr 7) Students will compare/ contrast two short stories ("Seventh Grade" and "A Crush") and write several 6 word memoirs about the characters

8/16 (6) SWBAT discuss character motivation after reading the short story "Tuesday of the other June"
(7) SWBAT know the criteria for creating their own book jacket (have handout)

 8/17 (6) SWBAT navigate OGMS library and check out books
(7) SWBAT understand vocabulary assignment and will be given 1st 6 sets of vocabulary words

8/20 (6) SWBAT describe and write about him/ herself in a BioPoem (format will be provided)
(7) SWBAT extract textual evidence from a non-fictional essay found in SCOPE magazine
8/23 (6) SWBAT name and describe the 8 parts of speech
(7) SWBAT use vocabulary words in correct context in self-created sentences

8/28 (6) SWBAT continue with "research" for travel journal (info about Tucson and Arizona to be used in travel journal letters)
(7) SWBAT identify the characteristics that make Eleanor Roosevelt who she was (after having read a biographical story in the anthology)

8/29 (6) SWBAT write the first paragraph of travel journal letter
(7) SWBAT create a helping hands paragraph (about a time they were helpful to someone) and begin timeline of events in Eleanor Roosevelt's life (that made her who she was)

9/5 (6) SWBAT conference and revise/edit travel journal letters (with teacher guidance)
(7) SWBAT complete a non-fiction narrative (based on an incident in his/her own life)

9/10 (6) SWBAT address travel journal envelope 
(7) SWBAT participate in "Author's Chair", sharing non-fiction narratives

9/17 (6) SWBAT read short story "All American Slurp" and compare it to 2 other multi-cultural stories read ("The Circuit" and "Aaron's Gift")
 (7) SWBAT complete ch 2 of Call of the Wild

9/18 (6) SWBAT add another multi-cultural story to grid, "Oh Broom, Get to Work"
(7) SWBAT complete ch 3 of C of the W and do accompanying packet pages for ch1-3

9/20 (6) SWBAT create a grid for the 5 multi-cultural stories read (all are available online in 6th grade anthology)
(7) SWBAT complete ch 5 of Call of the Wild

9/24 (6) SWBAT brainstorm and begin narrowing topic for a personal narrative (which will be worked on all week in class) (no spelling words this week as we'll cover spelling in writing our personal narratives)
(7) SWBAT continue C of the W

9/27 (6) SWBAT complete rough copy of personal narrative, ready to peer edit on Fri
(7) SWBAT note differences between novel and movie, Call of the Wild (will be putting differences into writing on Fri as we finish the movie)

10/1 (6) SWBAT hand in completed (peer edited and revised) personal narrative
(7) SWBAT choose an option type project for Call of the Wild and will continue to work on in throughout this week

10/2 (6) SWBAT read from a collection of short stories called The Circuit and do follow-up activities (Tues-Th)

10/15 (6)SWBAT research Sharon Creech (author of Walk Two Moons) and share facts learned
(7) SWBAT share power points created as a culminating activity for Call of the Wild

10/22 (6) continuing with Walk Two Moons
(7) continuing with Nothing But the Truth

10/ 25 (6) 1/2 way through Walk Two Moons/ discussion following chapters read, as well as "7 Chapter Summaries" 
(7) 3/4 way through Nothing But the Truth...lots of spirited conversation about rights in our country

10/29 SWBAT provide textual evidence from novel to support given phrases

11/5 (6) SWBAT create collages based on their knowledge of Walk Two Moons
(7) SWBAT share character webs created on Inspiration software

11/14 (6) Folklore Unit is underway....students are reading 
different myths, legends, tall tales etc and comparing 
them as they read
Tonight's Homework:


8/13  (Grades 6 & 7) * Make sure you  have a book for silent reading (which will be 15-20 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
*Signed "Welcome" letter due Wed, 8/15
*Check your teachers websites/ make sure you can access
Gr 6 finish personal belief paragraph begun in class
Gr 7 finish personal response to "Seventh Grade"

8/15 (Gr 6) typed letter to teacher (students have hand out with directions) due Fri 8/17

Grades 6 & 7 have books for silent reading Thurs, 8/16

8/16 (6) letter to teacher (typed) due Fri 8/17
        (7) book jacket due Wed 8/22

8/17 (7) 5 sentences (well written so that I know you know what the word means!) due Tues 8/21  Words are:  :  abundant, accelerate, allege, arrogant, bias

8/20 (6) worksheet with root word MONO is due on Thursday 8/23
(7) vocab sentences (see above for words) due Tues 8/21    book jacket due Wed 8/22

8/23 (6) periods 2 & 3 root words due Fri 8/24 
(7) re-dos on vocab sentences due Fri 8/24

8/28 (6) spelling post test Friday 8/31...this week's words are desert words (to go along with our travel journal project):  desert, saguaro, cactus, cacti, Sonoran Desert, Tucson, journal, javelina, monsoon, weather, coyote, excited

8/29 (6) spelling post test Fri 8/31
(7) "helping hands" paragraph and timeline (Eleanor Roosevelt's life) due Fri 8/31

8/30 (6) "rough"/ typed copy of travel journal letter (see handout) due Wed 9/5
(7) vocab sentences due Wed 9/5 (vocab #2:  boisterous, calamity, chaos, cherish, compassion)

9/5 (6) root word, biblio, worksheet due Fri 9/7
need address for travel journal by Mon 9/10

9/10 (6)spelling words for this week are:  requiring, requires, requirement, achieving, achieves, achievement, providing, separating, separates, separately, pursuing, completing, imagines, introducing, continuing     Post test Fri 9/14
 Also, completed (ready to go out the door!) travel journals and envelopes due Thurs, 9/13

9/17 (6) spelling words for this week: performance, disturbance, allowance, acceptance, appearance, acquaintance, inheritance, assistance, annoyance, resemblance, insurance, endurance, assurance, guidance, avoidance  Post test 9/21

(7) 5 sentences due Wed 9/19 (choose 5/10 words from Ch1-3 The Call of the Wild packet pages)

9/18 (6) root word work (ego, geo) due Thurs 9/20
(both sides of worksheet...1 word on each side)

Book Club orders due Monday, Sept 24 (can be handed in or placed online)

9/20 (6) sp post test Friday

9/25 (7) timeline and personal response for Call of the Wild due Wed, 9/26 

9/27 (6) rough copy of personal narrative due Fri, 9/28

9/28 (6) revised copy of personal narrative due Monday, Oct 1 (along with "rough" copy and packet pages which include peer editing comments)

10/1 All reading logs are due (signed and totaled) on Tuesday October 2 (grades 6 and 7)
(6) root words (chrono and terra) are due Thursday, Oct 4 

10/15 (6) this week's spelling words are: studios, echoes, stereos, pianos, heroes, potatoes, tomatoes, halos, lassos, kangaroos, zeros, ratios, rodeos, radios, banjos 
post test Friday, 10/19

10/22 (6) this week's spelling words:  research, recondition, refuel, revision,reelect, resurface, discourage, disprove, disability, disagreement, disadvantage, disregard
post test Fri, 10/26

root words:  hydro (water) and ject (throw)...worksheet due Thurs, Oct 25

10/29 (6) Choose 10 of the 12 following Halloween words and use them in well written sentences (remembering proper punctuation and capitalization):
candy, children, costume, disguise, ghost, masks, October, pumpkin, scary, skeleton, tricks, treats
due Friday, 11/2 

10/30 (6,7) Examples of textual evidence (exact words from novel being read) are due Wed 10/31 (you will choose the one you think is your best to be graded!)

11/5 (6) This week's spelling words are: insist, instruct, construct, conflict, detain, retain, decline, recline, inspire, conspire, include, incision, decision, inflate, deflate  Post test Fri 11/9

11/8 (7) Rough copy of persuasive essay (Should there be assigned cafeteria seats?) due Monday 11/12

11/9 (6) Explanation and sketch of one of the following messages from Walk Two Moons:  
1.Don't judge a man until you've waled two moons in his mocassins.
2.Everyone has his own agenda.
3.In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?
4.You can't keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head but you can keep them from nesting in your hair. 
5.We never know the worth of water until the well is dry.   due Mon 11/12

(7) rough copy of persuasive essay due Monday 11/12 (topic: should there be assigned lunchroom seating?)

11/14 (7) Persuasive essay(revised) and letter essay due Monday 11/19