Please e-mail any questions that you may have concerning the beginning band program to begband@cfsd16.org and a band director will get back to you shortly.  Thank you!
Is there any musical experience necessary to join the band?
Absolutely not.  Band students will work with their director to help choose the most appropriate instrument for them.  Band students begin the year assuming that students have no previous musical knowledge, and grow from there. 
What should I expect from the CFSD 16 Elementary Band Program?
Band students will receive two lessons after school per week, one "sectional" and one "full band".  The sectional lessons are smaller group lessons that focus on more instrument specific skills, such as instrument assembly, tone production, fingerings, stickings, and more.  The full band rehearsals are focused on helping students learn to function within a band setting, learning skills while preparing the music for the concerts throughout the year. 
How often should my child practice in order to be successful in the band program?
Band students should expect to practice at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.  Regular practice is the only way that students will develop the skills necessary to be highly successful in band. Your child's band director will have some suggestions for helping your child maintain good practice habits. 
Are private lessons required to participate in the CFSD 16 Elementary Band Program?
Private lessons are not required, but they are the single best way to provide your child with individual attention with their band instrument.  Students who take private instruction on top of their band instruction are often much more advanced than their peers.

What materials will my child need in beginning band?

All band students will need an instrument with all proper accessories for performance and maintenance, a folding music stand for use at home, and a pencil.  Band students will need to obtain black dress pants, and a white dress shirt for all district band concerts.

What are the cost/fees associated with the band program?

There is no cost or fee for participating in the band program.  Students will need to obtain their band instrument, book, and instrument supplies from a local music store.  It is recommended that students rent their instrument during the first few years of instruction.

What is the schedule for each school's band classes?  
The schedule varies a little at each school, but students will have two classes per week.  One class is for small, similar instrument instruction, and the other is for the full band class.  Schedules will be distributed at the Mandatory Parent Meeting at the beginning of the year.  

what is the COST or FEE on this band classes?

what is the COST or FEE on this band classes?