Private Lessons

In our experiences, students who are taking private lessons in addition to the band class show a higher rate of success and higher level of enjoyment on their instrument.  Students have a lower frustration level because they are able to receive more individualized attention that they cannot always receive in the band class due to the structure of the class.  Students who seek the additional help of a private teacher are more likely to continue on their instrument.


Private lessons typically cost $20-$25 for a 30-minute lesson and $40-$50 for an hour lesson, depending on the teacher.  We recommend a weekly 30-minute lesson for beginning students to start.  Some teachers may be available to come to your house, but this varies from teacher to teacher. 


It is important to contact several private teachers to find a compatible personality for your daughter or son.  Ask about the teacher’s background and experience, and tell them about your child before the first lesson.  It is important to take time to talk with the teacher about what they can offer your child, not just about fees.  Protect your investment!