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Geometry students will use the language of geometry, its vocabulary, symbols, and logic, in order to make and prove conjectures and develop an understanding of geometric principles and relationships. Using the properties of geometric figures, students will write formal proofs, solve problems involving algebra and real-life situations, and visualize and draw geometric figures.

Honors Placement Criteria

Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Precalculus

To ensure that students are prepared for the highest-level math courses at CFHS, students seeking placement in Honors courses must meet the following requirements:  

Honors Requirement:  Semester Grade   2 data points 

    Students currently enrolled in a standard level course must earn an A (93%) both semesters.


Honors Requirement:  Proficiency Exam   2 data points

Students must earn a minimum 83% on each part of the two-part proficiency exam (given during each semester’s Finals Week) testing content knowledge of the current honors level course to be eligible the following school year for the next level of Honors math. (E.g., Student must earn 83% on both parts of the Honors Geometry Proficiency Exam to be eligible for placement into Honors Algebra 2.)  

Honors Requirement:  Teacher Recommendation 1 data point

The student’s current teacher will provide a written recommendation of the student’s knowledge and skills. A recommendation to the honors level will be made only from routinely observed and documented student performance demonstrating honors level proficiency of both concepts and skills and the work ethic required for success in an honors level class.

 A total of 5 data points can be earned with 4 of 5 required for honors placement.

**Students will still need to take the Standard Geometry Final during their class time.  They will need to arrange with their teacher to complete the Honors Exam during the make-up exam time or a free period.

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