Humanities (S2) Week 14: 4/16- 4/20

 What We're Doing...
 Due This Week...


M: Students will be looking at the ways the British East India Company shaped India and led to the future colonialism of India.

T/W: Students will construct behavior over time graphs to look at patterns/trends in India's history.  Next, students will look at primary sources by supporters and opponents of British colonialism in India.  Students will be able to pull out the main arguments for and against colonialism.

TH/F: Students will have time to conduct independent research to answer their central research questions.


Gandhi & Independence HW (DUE 4/17 or 4/18)


M/T/W/TH/F: Students will be examining the history and background of Afghanistan in order to better set up their understanding of the novel "Kite Runner."


READ: Consult reading calendars for "Kite Runner"