There will be a variety of supports in place for teachers to receive ideas and support for utilizing technology with K-12 students to achieve learning goals During the 2013-14 school year. These supports will include

The Cedar Falls School District is committed to educating each and every student to be a lifelong learner and a caring, responsible citizen. In accomplishing this goal, the district is committed to providing the technology and support to accomplish this within the classroom. The district believes that the integration of technology into the learning process for all students will:
  • Provide learning experiences that promote collaboration, questioning, and higher level thinking.
  • Increase access to and manipulation of information.
  • Facilitate differentiated instruction.
  • Promote student responsibility for learning.
  • Enhance teacher and student productivity.
  • Improve communication between staff, students, and parents.
  • Streamline administrative and student support services.
  • Enhance curriculum goals and objectives.
  • Create connections for students and staff with the global community.
  • Encourage new and emerging technologies to support learning.
  • Foster skills which will ensure success in the workplace and the world beyond school.