State Law

Definition of Giftedness
The state of Iowa defines gifted and talented children in part as "children who are identified as possessing outstanding abilities and who are capable of high performance.  Gifted and talented children are children who require appropriate instruction and educational services commensurate with their abilities and needs beyond those provided by the regular school program."  To read the full definition, see Iowa Code 257.44.

Serving the Gifted
Iowa law mandates that students identified by the school district as gifted be served by qualified teachers through a "qualitatively differentiated program to meet the students’ cognitive and affective needs" (Iowa Administrative Code 281—12.5(12)).  Funding is also provided by the state to meet these requirements.  Read more about Iowa's laws for gifted education on the Department of Education website.

Iowa Department of Education Resources
The Iowa Department of Education provides ample information regarding TAG education in the state.  This includes information about funding, licensure endorsement for teachers, and more.  Visit their page here.

How does Iowa compare?
Iowa is one of only 4 states in the U.S. in which gifted education is both mandated by law and fully funded by the state, according to the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.