ECHOES and ALT will start on Tuesday Sept 16, 2019

ECHOES (Every Child Has the Opportunity to Excel and Succeed) is a free after-school program available to all students enrolled at Holmes Junior High. This program seeks to provide a safe, inviting and rewarding environment where all Holmes students have access to academic enrichment activities. Two themes define the ECHOES experience:

1. General Academic Support - a program set up to help students achieve greater academic success by allowing time after school to meet with staff, access school resources, or work in small groups.

2. Activity Clubs – a variety of recreational and enrichment activities are offered each night. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to make new friends and explore new talents and interests.

Students and parents may choose what days and how often they wish to attend. All programs will be held at Holmes Junior High and are staffed by Holmes faculty and members of area youth serving agencies. ECHOES is offered Monday through Thursday from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. (4:00 on Wednesdays) and an activity bus is available to students needing transportation home. The bus is free and offered to students residing within the Cedar Falls School District limits.

For more information, please contact Dan Bower, ECHOES Coordinator

General Academic Support (M-TH)

Academic Support is available for all students Monday through Thursday from 3:00 –4:00. Attendance is voluntary and students are allowed to come as needed. Study Hall guidelines and procedures will be followed.

Stuents will need toL

1. Bring notebook, paper, pen or pencil and other materials necessary for class.

2. Be an active participant in the classroom; listens well; takes part in discussions.

3. Asks questions if he/she does not understand the discussion or if he/she has a problem.

4. Plans his/her work and schedules time for homework each day; makes sure he/she understands the assignment before he/she leaves class.

5. Uses what he/she learns, sees how each subject applies to the others.

6. Strives to do his/her best, not just to get by.


1. Attitude is important - think positively, work independently, seek help only when you have exhausted your own resources; then ask questions, use library sources.

2. Learning requires concentration - keep your mind on what you are doing. It will take less time.

3. Unless you have a straight "A" average, you will have to study at home each day.


ALT is an after school work completion program for students who fail to turn in assignments by established deadlines/due dates. Students at Holmes will be held accountable for not doing the work by doing the work. We believe that this approach will help us better achieve our mission in the following manner:

  • Students will learn the essential academic skills that the work is designed to teach.
  • Students will learn they are responsible for completing the work on time.
  • Students will learn they will be held accountable if the work is not completed on time.

ALT Procedures Students will be required to stay after school for one hour to work with a teacher on completing the missing work as soon as possible, typically the same day that the assignment was due (if the student works diligently and is able to complete the missing work to the supervising teacher’s satisfaction they will be released after 30 minutes). Teachers will contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) of any student who fails to complete an assignment prior to a student staying after school. Please note that an emergency situations when the student is unable able to stay after school we will work with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) to find a suitable time to make-up the missing work and time.

ALT will run on Monday - Thursday, students who are assigned can be picked up or walk home at 4:15 PM or stay for the remainder of our ECHOES program and ride the ECHOES bus home at the end of the program

Additional Information

Program Choices: This year students will be allowed to choose from a number of different programs each night. Students will be allowed to select the programs that they are interested in. Parents/guardians may require academic assistance for their child before they are allowed to select a program. Parents need to make this request to Mr. Bower (phone: 553-2665 or email We look forward to working with your child.

Busing: Free transportation is available at the end of the PM programs for those students inside the Cedar Falls Community Schools District. Students will be dropped off at their homes or at a corner nearby. Bus routes can take up to an hour from when the students are let out of the program until they get home. Parents are asked to fill out a Transportation Form, this form is located in the Holmes main office and at the bottom of this page.

Snacks: The ECHOES program will provide a snack after school for students participating in the program. Students will need to be in the cafeteria between 4:05-4:15 in order to get their snack. Please notify Mr. Bower if there are any dietary issues with your child that we need to be aware of.

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