The Cedar Falls Community School District began a strategic planning process in 2012 for the development and integration of technology into the district’s curriculum.  The District Technology Committee consists of teacher and administrator representatives from each school, as well as consultants from AEA 267 and the University of Northern Iowa.  The Cedar Falls Schools District Technology Committee meets monthly to recommend technology advances within the district and to promote the use of technology.

The Cedar Falls School District has made great strides in providing students with opportunities to incorporate technology into the learning process.  The Cedar Falls board of education, administration, and staff have worked together to create a balance between acquisition of equipment, staff training, and integrating current technology opportunities for students.  The following items highlight some of the most recent accomplishments:
  • A current student-to-computer ratio of 3 to 1 district-wide
  • The establishment of technology coaches in each school to assist staff in their understanding and use of technology, including the student management system and email
  • The establishment of wireless access in each school building
  • A refresh schedule for current devices within the district, including the replacement of teacher workstations, stationary labs and mobile labs, projectors, and other devices as determined
  • The development and adoption of an Electronic Technology Acceptable Use board policy (#605.4) for students, including a “kid-friendly” interpretation of the policy