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2013-2014 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

posted Aug 7, 2013, 2:33 PM by CFPS Information   [ updated Aug 7, 2013, 2:37 PM ]
Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs who took office on July 1, 2013. We are looking forward to a busy year.

Board of Directors

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                              President

Karen R. Strupp, PhD                                 Vice President/ECC Liaison

Sally A. Davis, PhD                                      Secretary

William A. Myerson,PhD MBA.               Treasurer

Marianna Adler, PhD                                 Chair, Faculty Committee

Cristy Jennings,                                            Non-Voting


Admissions Committee

Sharon L. Gerber, LCSW                        Chair

David J. Ansell, DO

Efrain Bleiberg, MD

Adam S. Brownstein, M.Ed. LPC

Sharon W. Chada, PhD

Leticia Fallick Odriozola, LPC

Penelope J. Hooks, MD

Ethan Klein, LCSW

Martha B. Maer, LPC

Randall Matthews, MD PhD JD

William A. Myerson, PhD MBA

Ruth Rosines, LCSW

Alana Spiwak, MD                                      ex officio


Alumni Group

Leticia Fallick Odriozola, LPC             President

Dania Eldandashli, LPC                             Secretary

Kriste E. Babbitt, MD                                 Treasurer

Ariela L. Alpert, LCSW                               Member at Large

Maria M. Ramos, LCSW                           Chair, Education Committee

Robert L. Hilliker, LCSW                           Co-Chair, Membership and Outreach

Audrey J. Ryman, LMSW                         Co-Chair, Membership and Outreach

Amanda E. Yoder, LCSW                         Chair, Special Events


Child Analysis Committee

Janet M. Schwind, PhD LCSW               Chair

James B. Bennett, IV, MD

Efrain Bleiberg, MD

Letha B. Cole, MD

Jay Alan Davis, MD

Eileen M. Gallahorn, PhD                          Candidate

Sharon L. Gerber, LCSW                           Candidate

Penelope J. Hooks, MD

Larry K. Mortazavi, MD                            Candidate

Jessica Pass Haskell, LMFT                      Candidate

Felecia Powell-Williams, Ed.D., LPC-S, R

Cecilia A. Samish, LCSW                           Candidate

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                 ex officio

Karen R. Strupp, PhD


Colleague Assistance Program Committee

Daniel M. Brener, MD                             2013-2015

Kimberly G. Copeland, PhD                  2013-2016

Sherry E. Dickey, PhD                             2013-2014

J. Nan Lefforge, LCSW                             2013-2016

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                               ex officio


Curriculum Committee

Richard G. Michael, PhD                       Chair

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                    ex officio


Development Committee

Efrain Bleiberg, MD                                Chair

Robert L. Hilliker, LMSW                           Alumni/Membership

Cristy Jennings                                             Executive Director

William A. Myerson, PhD MBA               Treasurer

Audry J. Ryman, LMSW                             Alumni/Membership

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                  ex officio


Education Coordinating Committee

Karen R. Strupp, PhD                            Chair

Daniel M. Brener, MD                                General Faculty Representative

Sharon L. Gerber, LCSW                           Chair, Admissions Committee

Gregory D. Graham, MD                           General Faculty Representative

J. Nan Lefforge, LCSW                                Chair, Progression Committee

Richard G. Michael, PhD                           Chair, Curriculum Committee

Janet M. Schwind, PhD LCSW                 Chair, Child Analysis Committee

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                  ex officio


Ethics Committee

David J. Ansell, DO                                       2013-2015

Jean M. Goodwin, MD MPH                     2010-2013, 2013-2014

Penelope J. Hooks, MD                              2013-2016

M. Sagman Kayatekin, MD                       2013-2016


Faculty Committee

Marianna Adler, PhD                               Chair

Jay Alan Davis, MD

Cynthia Lee, JD PhD


Finance Committee

William A. Myerson, PhD MBA             Chair

Efrain Bleilberg, MD

Jacqueline MacGregor, MD

Cristy Jennings                                             Executive Director

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                   ex officio


Human Resources Committee

Sally A. Davis, PhD                                    Chair

Cristy Jennings,                                            Executive Director

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                   ex officio


Nominating Committee

Cynthia Lee, JD PhD                                 Chair

Tanya J. Bennett, MD

Efrain Bleiberg, MD


Progression Committee

J. Nan Lefforge, LCSW                           Chair

Sharon L. Gerber, LCSW                           Sub-Chair, Candidate Progression

Tanya J. Bennett, MD

Kimberly G. Copeland, PhD

Feleica R. Powell-Williams, Ed.D., LPC-S, R

Alana R. Spiwak, MD                                 ex officio

Sherry E. Dickey, PhD                                Austin Progression

Cynthia Lee, JD PhD                                  Austin Progression


Charitable Trust

Efrain Bleiberg, Efrain, MD                       Trustee

Jacqueline C. McGregor, MD                    Trustee

William A. Myerson, PhD MBA               Trustee