Welcome to the Cypress Falls Invitational!

Registration for the 2020 Invitational is OPEN.  We are celebrating our 14th year to host.  This year's contest is scheduled for Sat, Nov 14, 2020.  

Given the current situation with COVAID-19, we are looking into a virtual option in the event that an in-person contest is not possible.  We will update you as soon as we receive more guidance from Nationals.  Given the fluidity of the current state of our country, what’s allowed, what’s not, etc…we will not be taking any payments until school resumes in the fall.  In addition, we will not be depositing any checks until after the contest is held.  Any in-district transfers can, of course, be returned in the event that a contest does not become possible.


Nationals has stated that all events from this past year will be held again.  That being the case, our schedule should be very similar to last year’s schedule, however, we will also now attempt to include those trial events that were posted at the last minute.

As part of registration, you will be indicating what event you are willing to coordinate PER team.  Our goal is to have two event coordinators per event this year.  In addition, we will be asking that each coordinator take attendance and double check that against their results prior to turn in to avoid any missing tests.  Event coordination is assigned based on a first sign up basis.  You may pre-register early, however, if other teams select that event prior to you, you may not get your first or even second choice.  In addition, we ask that you only sign up for events that you have familiarity in.  If you are a new coach, we need to know that and will do our best to assign you to assist with only one event this year and in a content area that you are familiar with.


We do ask that you create an original test.  Your test may include some previously used test questions, however, the majority of your test should be a new creation.  Build events may use the score sheets posted on the National Science Olympiad web site.  We also ask that you have a responsible adult proctor and oversee the grading of your event to preserve the integrity of the event.  After the contest, your test and key will be shared electronically via a Google drive with all competing teams.


Once you are ready to send in your payment, please send in the accompanying registration form (print this and give to your finance secretary if you have one; the in-district transfer info is on the form – please highlight that for your secretary):



Registration Links:


Division B:



Division C:


Numbers at present:

Division B: Full with 30 in person or virtual teams going back to an odd/even schedule; 4 teams on the waiting list for a possible XYZ schedule and/or virtual only option

Division C: Currently 30 in person or virtual and 34 virtual only registrations.  Anticipating a regular XYZ schedule

**Please note:  All teams MUST register with their respective States in order to be eligible to compete in ANY contest during the season.  Out of state teams, please forward a copy of your completed registration to Jennifer.Wuellner@cfisd.net.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon!