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Eligibility: Eligibility is open to all high school bands. All participating members must be enrolled at the same high school as a full time student, or a student at the feeder school of the participating high school. All performers who contribute to the performance must be students. Violation of the eligibility guidelines will result in disqualification.


Band classification will be based on number of performers:

Group I: 1-60

Group II: 61-100

Group III: 101-140

Group IV: 141-180

Group V: 180+


Adjudicators: Judges will be selected off of the lists from UIL, Bands of America, Drum Corps International, and Winter Guard International. These organizations provide extensive numbers management training for their judges.


Entry Fee: The entry fee for the Battle at the Berry Center will be $450, payable to Cy Springs Band Boosters. Cy Springs Band Boosters will accept check and money order.  Please make checks out to “Cy Springs Band Booster Club”


ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY BY MAIL, beginning March 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017.


The Entry Form must be completed in full and signed by the unit director and principal or superintendent. Entry form and fee must be received by August 31, 2017 for entry to be valid. YOUR ENTRY IS NOT CONSIDERED ACCEPTED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN E-MAIL FROM US CONFIRMING RECEIPT. IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM US WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER YOU SUBMITTED YOUR ENTRY, YOU MUST CONTACT US


Scoring System: The scoring system uses a combination of judges scores for music, marching and visual effects/enhancement. The weight of the numbers in the scoring system places 20% of the score within the area of general effect and 80% within the performance area.

Judges scoring Sheets and Rubrics.


The point allotment for the competition is as follows:


30% Average of Winds Music Performance (Individual), judged on the field and Music Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands


10% Average of Percussion Music Performance judged on the field


30% Average of Visual Performance (Ensemble-Winds and Battery), judged from the stands


10% Average of Color Guard Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands


20% Average of Overall General Effect, judged from the highest point in the stands



Judge’s Comments:

Bands receive a recorded verbal evaluation and score sheets from each judge. The emphasis is on the input the judge offers into the band’s program via the recorded evaluation. Recorded evaluations will be made available via Dropbox. Written Score Sheets will be in the band packet after the performance.The timing of availability of these evaluations is as follows:


Verbal evaluations for bands will be made available via Dropbox approximately 15 -30 minutes after the performance.


Written score sheets will be available for pick up in the pressbox following your bands performance.


Event Schedule:

ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH SUBMITTED ENTRY FORM ONLY , beginning March 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017 (or until all performance slots are filled). Those entries received prior to March1 WILL NOT be considered for placement until that date. Preliminary step-off time will be determined by Entry Form date received by Contest Staff, regardless of class. All entries that have the same entry date will be scheduled by draw, starting with the last spot to the first. Entry deadline is August 31, 2017 or untill the maximum number of bands have entered. The competition will start no earlier than 8:00 A.M. and end at 3:30 P.M. Band performances will be scheduled at 15 minute intervals.


This is a prelims only contest. 


Awards Presentation: The top three (3) bands in each classification will be given a trophy.  In addition (1) band will be named Grand Champion regardless of class.  There will also be five (5) caption awards. The 5 caption awards are for Music, Visual, Percussion, Guard, and Drum Majors. 


Division ratings will be announced and Awards will be given for each classification as follows:


Division Ratings:

I 70 and above

II 60 - 69

III 45 - 59

IV 44 and below


In the event that there is only one band entered in a class, only the 1st place class placement trophy will be presented. No caption awards will be presented to that band. That band may, however, opt to compete with bands in a higher class as long as they agree prior to the start of the event.


Tickets: Tickets will be available at the gate. Ticket prices are: $10.  Children 5 and under are free.


Band Check in:

All bands will be required to check in at least 30 minutes prior to their designated warm-up.  Band check in will be by entrance seven.  At band check in, directors can turn in forms and pick up director/field passes.  Please review the Director Badges/Field Passes section for information on the number of passes allotted. 


Director Badges/Field Passes: Competing unit passes will be picked up at Director Check In, when your band arrives at the site. Each band will receive six (6) Director badges and twenty-five (25) field passes, regardless of band size. These numbers are to be listed on the Entry Form and will be verified at the competition. Additional passes may be purchased for $10 at band check in. 


Bus/Truck Parking and Props

Bus and Truck parking will be in Lot A.  Over-sized trucks will be put in Lot H.  Prop storage and assembly will be in Lot H. 


Copyright: Any applicable copyright laws for the performance and/or arranging of music for each band's performance are the sole responsibility of each participating unit.


Photo/Video Service: TBD


Performance Specifics:

Warm up: Your warm-up times will be included in your final packet, which will be mailed in mid-September. We may provide a "pit" warm-up area near the stadium. Bands may not practice or warm-up within earshot or visual vicinity of the stadium.  Bands will have 30 minutes for warm-up this includes the physical warm up.  Report time to the stadium will be 10 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time.


Performance Area Surface (of the stadium floor): The performance field will be a regulation size football field with end zones and including the area from out-of-bounds lines on the ends to fifteen (15) feet in front of the front side line (360 feet long) and from the out-of-bounds lines on the ends to the back limit of the field surface, normally the back grandstand or wall. Entrance of the band proper may not be over the front sideline. Performers presetting equipment in the front (pit) may enter from the front.


Performance Times: Once you enter the performance area, you will have a five (5) minute maximum prep time for set-up and warm-up (placement of props/equipment must take place during this time). Once the drum majors hear their names, they are to immediately salute and set to begin the performance. The first note of music or the first step-off by a member of the band proper will start the timing of your show and must occur within 30 seconds from the conclusion of the announcement introducing your band. Each band is allowed a performance time of 7 to 11 minutes. This timing will begin at the conclusion for the 4 minute set-up/warm-up time. Following completion of your show, your band will have 2 minutes to vacate the performance area (outside/clear of the goal line), which will be the conclusion of your 15 minute block. All props and equipment must be totally removed from the Performance Area within 4 minutes following the end of the bands performance. All uniformed students will receive a hand stamp that will allow them access back into the stadium.




Props/Equipment: Each band will be able to unload large props and equipment for your show no sooner than 45 minutes prior to your step-off time. Following your bands performance, you will have 45 minutes to remove your props and equipment. Specifics will be included in the Mid-September packet.


Use of Field Turf Surfaces at Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Stadiums

It is the expectation for any group using CFISD stadiums to adhere to basic guidelines for appropriate weight distribution when moving and staging equipment and props in and on the field turf surfaces. Many advancements in field turf technology have occurred recently and our equipment movement and staging solutions have not necessarily kept up with these changes.


Any field props, or equipment, moved into and out of CFISD stadium turf facilities, shall be able to distribute its weight so that at no point in time is the turf subjected to use that may cause a tear in the turf. The following list consists of potential weight distributing mechanisms that may be applied to mitigate excessive wear and possible tearing of the turf.


Pneumatic Tires: Do not subject the turf to loads greater than 35 pounds per square inch (i.e. pneumatic tires shall be inflated to a maximum of 35 psi). By the same token, pneumatic tires shall not be deflated to the point that they drag across the turf potentially causing a tear either.


Flat Free Tires: Typically referring to solid rubber or plastic tires. These tires are rated for maximum capacities typically ranging anywhere from 50-300 lbs depending on its size. Do not overload these type of tires. Overloading these tires will cause rutting and “catching” of the turf. This usually occurs on A/V carts that are overloaded with speakers, etc.


Common problems noted by groups in the past using this newer field turf system include:


         Wheels or casters that are not operable, or otherwise stuck in a sideways position so to not roll appropriately. 

         Wheels or casters that are not designed, by size, to travel on such a product and tend to “sink in” to the turf. 

         Wheels or casters with braking levers, that are under stress from being over weighted, that will stick into the turf and create a risk for tears. 

         The use of props or stands with sharp points in the contact place within the turf that risks puncturing the field. Groups should protect the turf surface with appropriate rubber tips. 

         The “dragging” of equipment or props across the field turf surface. 


Electronics: All electronically produced music must be "live" and played in "real time" by a student. No "prerecorded or sequenced" music, whether instrumental or vocal may be used. The use of sounds other than music, such as narration or sound effects, may be prerecorded and used without penalty. Electronic units are allowed if they are self-powered. If power is available at the site, it may be used at the unit's own risk.  Neither Cypress Springs High School Band nor the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District takes responsibility for supplying any band’s electrical and electronic needs.