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Home of the MERMAZING 3rd Graders... Where we believe that “Good character is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.” JC Watts
     Getting back to "normal" after hurricane Florence will take some time, for all of us! The kids are starting to settle back into the flow of school, but it definitely feels choppy at times! We are getting there, though.

  What a week! It may have been a short one, but it felt like a LONG one! Ha! We had two shakey days of learning how to sign onto the Chromebooks.That was fun! Not really, but we are in a much better place now and will be able to use the chromebooks when we need them! That is pretty exciting! The kids will be using them as different centers. They will be using them for StudyLadder, for learning how to properly type on a keyboard, and some reading activities. Actually, I think having them is going to be awesome because they replaced all the old desktops and random laptops that we had going on in here. I have always used technology for math centers, typing stories, looking up research...the list goes on, so now, instead of not having enough technology for the kids to use, we've got plenty! I'm super excited about that! I'll keep you updated with different ways we are using the Chromebooks so that you won't worry that your adorable kiddo is just sitting behind a screen all day. :) 

Third grade is starting off with a BANG! We are sure there's more than this, but here's what we have right now! The testing is pretty back-to-back. We will be taking it pretty easy those days. Good news is, at least it will be out of the way!

9/4- Reading 3D starts, so I will be pulling your kiddos to read 1:1 starting today! Just kidding! Ha! With all the BOG's and other stuff, we are going to start this on Wednesday (9/12).

9/7- Picture day!

9/10- Reading Benchmark

9/11- Math Benchmark

9/20 - 3RD GRADE PARENT MEETING 6:00-7:30

9/25- Partnership meeting

10/1-10/12- Fund the Wonder

11/5-11/9- Book Fair

11/8- Partnership Meeting

12/1- Winter Festival

Add these to your calendar! Morgan and I are working on a date for the final turtle project and museum, but now have to work around the testing. Probably the week of 9/10, but I will let you know for sure!


End of 2nd Grade 

3rd grade Info!!!

The kids have been working hard on learning about their species of sea turtle, so now the kids need to start thinking about how they want to display their project information! Lots of kids said they wanted to use a tri-board, but they get to figure out how to display their information to be able to teach others.

The projects will be assembled in class, but we need your help with getting materials that your child may need for their project.

Please, please, please do not go out and spend lots of money for project supplies! Recycled tri-boards are great! Things from around the house are always helpful! The Dollar stores have tri-boards and other great stuff for making projects look great, and everything is only $1! We also have some things that we can offer to the kids to help put the projects together. If your child is able to print any sea turtle pictures from home that they could use, that would be fabulous! Both of our color printers decided to die within the last month, so we can’t print anything in color to help the kids out. So sad!

It would be great if project materials could start making their way to class on Monday and Tuesday of next week, so that we can spend class time getting the projects put together!

Thanks so much for your help with this!!! 


 Instructions for accessing myhotlunchbox.com and creating an account.  From there, you can place your orders for one or all Friday’s during the month of May.  Please read the details in the program.  All orders will be with Moe’s Southwest Grill for this trial.  If we enjoy the experience, have few issues, and find it simple to run, then we will look at adding some additional restaurants and options next school year.  Again, please see the attachment for details.  This will replace other hot lunchclassroom orders for those four weeks in order for us to have a true trial period with all family members who are interested participating.

 All restaurants with My Hot Lunchbox are nut free and they also all have vegetarian and gluten free options.   Students will still need to bring their snack on hot lunch Friday as well as their own drinks.

 Thank you so much and hopefully this will be a positive experience for those who are interested! 

CFCI's password: CFCI137 



My Hot Lunchbox, LLC



Happy 2018 from the Partnership Exec Board!

April News!

It is definitely busier than normal on the teaching side because of working on Reading 3D for the next couple of weeks. I was so busy last week that I only wrote about the kids' excitement for working on their sea turtle research! We did way more than that for sure! This week, the kids continued working on their math skills by going through the different Star Wars Math Centers. They are awesome because the kids are reviewing greater than/less than/equal to, odd & even numbers, expanded form, measurement, and MORE!!! Thanks Star Wars Math Centers!! 

In Reading/Writing & Inquiry, the kids are finishing up creating their WOW (word of the week) sentence around the word ESTUARY/ESTUARIES. That goes along with some things they are learning about their specific sea turtle species. It's awesome when you hear them say, "That's a WOW word!" That's right, kiddos! There are connections all around us! Soak them up like the Sun! Other than working on their WOW, the kids are also working on their research to answer questions about their sea turtle. We are going to have to amp up our research time because we only have 3 weeks of school left, but by the time I send this to you, there will only be TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT! WHAT?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN SO QUICKLY! NO WAY!  Anyway, time has slipped away quicker than planned, so there's no telling how their last project will end up! That's a conversation for a different time! HA! 
During this time, kids are also working on their independent writing stories. Any stories that aren't finished this year, will be looked at again in the beginning of 3rd grade, to see if they want to keep going with that story or start a new one. The awesome part about the Writing Cycle is that it keeps going and going and going and going...
The kids are on their way learning all about their sea turtle! If you make any trips to the library, it would be great for your child to see if they have any library books on their specific sea turtle. Each student was given an information pack about their sea turtle, and they are taking turns using the iPads to look for more research. They also have some facts they have to learn about their species of sea turtle, to be able to share with everyone else. The kids also get to decide how they want to share the information they learn. A project due date has not been chosen yet because we wanted the kids to have time to dive into all the knowledge they can find about their sea turtle. I love how I get regular updates of the fascinating information the kids keep finding! It is so awesome to feel their excitement about learning new information!! 
The kids are so excited because they got to choose the sea turtle they want to study and learn more about. We had lots of kids want to learn some of the same turtles, so we had a discussion about it, and several kids showed off their ability to problem solve and think about what else they could do. Because of those gracious kiddos, all of our sea turtles will be explored. When the kids learn their info, they will have to teach the rest of us about what they learned! We can't wait to get that far into our studies! 

Last week in math, we were playing more Kahootit, which is a group based game. They had to work out some complex addition and subtraction problems as a team. That can be a struggle, but they were getting it, while getting much better & faster at figuring out the problems! 

This week, we focused more on money, time, and measuring in inches! So many things going on at once! To help with time and money at home, you could have your child count change from around the house or you could give them change counting challenges! It would also be SUPER HELPFUL if you had an analogue clock at home and you had your child tell you the time, at different points throughout the day. Giving them as much exposure to time and money would help them learn and understand it even more!!! 

In Reading/Writing & Inquiry, the kids are working all around sea turtles, marine life, and independent story writing. The kids will rotate centers such as the Word of the Week, research time, being a Text Detective, or working on their Independent stories. It is always busy in here! The last two WOW's have been focused on vocabulary important to sea turtle life. Vulnerable was the word they worked on last time, and this week the word is Debris. They are coming up with some good sentences to understand what these vocabulary terms mean.  
Above are pictures of some of the kids sharing their Reading Projects with the class. After the kids finish a book they enjoyed, they can complete a little reading project that shares some info about what they read, why they enjoyed the book, and if they would recommend it to others. There are a BUNCH of other reading projects ready to share, so the kids are excited about sharing the good books they have been reading! 
Another week has come and gone! The time is flying so fast! We have only a few weeks left!?? I can't even keep up with how fast it is going by! We have something like 37 school days left but so much to do! Whew!

So, if you haven't heard yet, we have started our Sea Turtle investigations! Some of you got to see our "turtle nest" that we had in class. The kids first had to predict what they thought was in the tub. After they made their predictions, each student got to help dig out a sea turtle egg (aka: a ping pong ball! Lol!) so we could pretend we were scientists that had to relocate the nest. The kids were so stinking cute because even though they knew the "eggs" weren't real, they were all so excited about the entire activity! It makes my heart so happy to be able to hear kids' excitement over learning! That is why I'm here everyday for sure!! 
We will continue with more sea turtle activities and will start doing some research soon! 

The kids started working on completing a reading project after they finish a chapter book. When they are ready, they share their reading project with the class. It has been great because all the kids want to get busy on reading projects! It is awesome to have the kids want to share about their books! 

In math, in addition to becoming regrouping masters, the kids are working on counting change, telling time to the minute, and measuring in inches. They will be doing a lot of exploring & practice on those skills next week! Counting money, money, y'all! Whoop, whoop!

     Coming back from Spring Break was hard, but it was so fabulous to see the kids! We jumped right back into our work and just moved right along like we never skipped a beat! We did so much stuff that the kids couldn't believe how fast Friday came because the week sped right by! 
     The second week in, after the break, has felt a bit more sluggish! Rainy days in the beginning of the week didn't help either! Other than feeling sluggish, we are working hard on deepening our math skills! The kids have been on the case of solving another math mystery about a litterbug on the loose! To get them ready for that, we worked on balancing equations, learning how to solve problems with missing parts, and understanding 2 and 3-D shapes. I love that they all know what a vertex and vertices are! They are such math smarty-pants! So much fun! 
     The kids have also worked really hard on getting their water droplet stories finished. I can't wait for you to see them when you come for student led conferences! You are in for a treat! 

March News!

     It was a busy week all the way to the end! We had another guest speaker come talk to the kids! This time, it was Stella's dad, Mike Hand, who works with Best Friends Animal Society. He spoke to the kids about having a pet emergency checklist to help be prepared if we ever have to evacuate due to weather or what have you! He shared great tips and answered lots of questions! Here is the website in case you would like more information for yourself! 
    Math has been a lot of fun this week! We have been taking on some geometry with learning more about 2-D and 3-D shapes and their attributes. We used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast 2D & 3D shapes, and they were totally into it! They also had group work which was applying those skills to their math mystery pack, working with shapes, and sorting 3-D objects. The kids have also been flying along with their "Fast Math" which is the fact fluency daily practice. It is awesome to hear kids say, "I love math!" Hearing that makes my heart happy! 
     We are closer to having more water molecule stories published! Some kids are waiting to be published, some are busy typing, and there are just a few that are almost ready to start typing. They have been so excited to get their stories going. I can't wait for you to check them out...very soon! 
     What else...there was so much more happening in here! Well, I can tell you for sure, that they are ready for Spring Break! We all are! Well, you might not be, but we are in here, because I've been working them hard! Sidenote: they have worked so hard that by the end of the day, a few of them always say, "It's the end of the day? It feels like we've only been here for like 2 hours!" Oh the magic of kids being excited about school! So amazing!

Talk about a super busy,  jam-packed week!  Whew! 
     The Book Fair was amazing!  So many amazing parents make that happen by volunteering their time!  Thank you Partnership and Volunteers!  Wow!       
     Then,  there's the performance by all the K-5 kids!  Mr. Rose did awesome putting that together and the kids had such a great time being front and center! That was a fun time! 
     The kids were still whizzing through their world of weather! Mr. Matt Tyson, Katy's dad, came in to talk to the 2nd graders. He is in the Coast Guard, and he spent a year in school to learn more about weather and Meteorology! He had so much valuable real-life information to share, and he answered all of the kids questions like a pro! They really enjoyed having him teach them even more and to help them make even further connections with what they have been exploring in class! Thanks so much, Matt! 

     Mr. Connor was observed by his professor on Wednesday. He had fun guiding the kids through a lesson on hurricanes. The kids really enjoyed it and so did his professor!  Win, win! 
That happened to be on the same day as the amazing peace and kindness assembly. It was sooooo cold but also very sweet and special for us all to come together to share how we are committed to sharing peace and kindness. 
     The assembly went right with the book I've been sharing with the kids about bullying. It is written from a student that didn't realize how many bullying behaviors she used on LOTS of kids. She ended up writing this book to help teach other kids about bullying behaviors, why they happen, and how to avoid them! The kids are learning about bullies, targets, victims, bystanders, and will be learning about upstanders next week! I'll keep you posted on things we have been discussing in class! 
       There is still so much more to share about what we have been doing, but at least you got some of it! I need to hire an assistant to keep track of all the cool things we do, just so it can be reported to you! 

     It's the never ending story of water molecules, cloud studies, weather investigations, and severe storm research! So much going on! Even though we all worked really hard all week long, I don't have anything new to add for the moment, since we are still working on the same stuff! 
     We did start something different in math, that is supposed to help with fact fluency and having a deeper understanding of fact families. There is supposed to be a letter coming home soon that explains the program and how the data from our kids will help a UNCW Professor that started the program. We are part of his research, which is kinda cool. When I have more information to explain it better than the weird words I'm saying now, I promise I'll get it out! After just using it for a week, we are already seeing some growth, and the kids are actually liking it and are taking it pretty seriously!! We spend about ten a minutes a day on it, and that will probably get even faster as we continue using it. More on that to come another day.
So another busy week has come and gone! We have been working on so many different skills in here, that it's hard to put it all in words! 
     In class, the kids are (well, some of the kids are) working on their voice control. Half of the class is always quiet and uses soft voices to communicate while the other half uses BOOMING VOICES FOR EVERYTHING! If it wasn't such a distraction during work times, it would be okay, BUT the BOOMING VOICES make it really hard for others to concentrate and/or work in small groups. It is a skill that I have tried to work with them on until I'm blue in the face, but it is a worthy cause to keep striving for! We talk about it so much throughout each and every day that I thought it was worthy to put in the update! :)
     The kids are continuing to work on fact fluency along with getting the hang of addition and subtraction with regrouping. That is going to take practice to get comfortable with it. In addition to addition (Ha! Math humor--sorry!) we started looking at how to tell temperature, since we have been exploring WEATHER! Part of their observation skills will need to be aware of the temperature during different observation times. Also going along with the WEATHER...  Wait a minute! I thought I was talking about MATH! How in the world can I be talking about WEATHER too, since that is one of our Inquiry Investigations???? Oh! We can combine different standards simultaneously to make learning more engaging and meaningful??? No way! Okay, I'll stop. I'm totally just entertaining myself at the moment since I'm not sure if anybody is out there paying attention to this engaging conversation... Back to what your awesome kiddo has been up to --  So, they are not only starting to learn about how to read thermometers, but we have also been working on our prediction and graphing skills. We have collected different types of data then work together to graph it. I'm really curious to find out how the kids' predictions turn out for our Spring Break Weather! We collected the data on their predictions if spring break will be warmer or cooler than it was during one of our very warm February weeks. That is data that will be very meaningful to analyze to form some sort of finding or conclusion, when we return from Spring Break on April 2nd! 
     Reading/Writing & Inquiry - Pics on Dojo to match this section...
     The kids have been rotating to different stations this week to focus on different task, but that all still fall under wonder weather! Each day, they had different jobs to tackle. 
1) They were working on writing their Water Molecule Stories. They are doing so well with those and they are, get this...ACTUALLY ENJOYING WRITING! WHAT??!! NO WAY! But, yes, WAY! You will get to hear more about those amazing stories as the kids get closer to publishing their pieces.  
2) They had to create their own cloud book using cotton balls. Everyone likes playing with cotton balls until they stick to your fingers that are covered with glue! Lol! Why didn't I get a picture of that? Darn! It has been funny to watch!
3) Dictionary skills! What, what! They have had to jump in to write a boat-load of definitions that go along with weather. (Not really a boat load--just being dramatic again) They are well-oiled dictionary machines! Not one grumble or murmur of complaints! I have done my job well by making these kids LOVE using the dictionary! That's amazing and very cool on my geek level! 
4) They are responding to READING about the weather cycle. They are using their magnificent brains to make connections and to find the proof in the reading to come up with their answers. Not as fun, BUT, their knowledge of the topic has grown immensely, so they are figuring everything out super quick, which is exciting to see - especially when the same thing stressed them out a little when they first saw it a couple of weeks ago. These kiddos don't even realize how fast they are growing in multiple skills at one time. That's why I LOVE teaching at this school!
      Then, after all that, the kids have broken into their Severe Weather and Natural Disaster groups to learn about those exciting and sometimes scary topics. They are getting much more into the flow of working with a partner and a group. Each day they are getting a little farther. I'll be asking for your help soon with sending in some supplies to make the disaster kits. I haven't needed volunteers yet because with Connor here, we have had at least 3 adults in the room working with the kids, and our room isn't that big to add more adults in. I'll be asking for help soon, in different ways, so don't you worry!   
     Well, there is always more to tell you, but I've had enough fun for now. Hopefully, sharing these little tidbits of things we do helps you feel the tiniest bit connected. Tell me if it doesn't because I'll stop writing this up for my own bad jokes and enjoyment! I crack myself up all day, but that doesn't mean you have to be subjected to it...or does it?! Muahaha!  
February News
 Before I forget to tell you again, we have a field placement student from UNCW. Connor is in the MAT program and will be with us, for parts of each day, through April. Field placement happens before an Internship, so he is just observing what we do and he will be teaching a few classes that are set by his UNCW professors, which will all align with our curriculum! The kids have enjoyed having him in here throughout the day, and he is getting to know the kids a little better with each passing day! 
     During Reading/Writing & Inquiry time, the kids started working on writing stories about their life as a water molecule. They have to include all of the stops they made when they had to move through different water molecule stations. They are really opening up their creative writing side as they tell the story of their life as the water droplet! They will have to go write their sloppy copy, have some writing conferences, get adult edited, write a final copy, type the final copy, print it, add illustrations, then get it "published" to share with the rest of the class. So far, the kids are totally into writing about their life as a water molecule! Love it when the kids get excited about writing!!
     We also started learning more about the different clouds we see in the sky. To start with, we focused on the 3 main types of clouds: Cumulus (puffy mounds with flat bottoms and are always changing shape) Cirrus (found very high up and they look like thin narrow bands), and Stratus clouds (are low and just look gray). We started cloud drawing last week before the kids knew the names of the different clouds, so the future cloud drawing times will also involve trying to recognize the different clouds. 
     In addition to learning more about clouds, the kids just got put into groups to start working on their mini-team project to learn more about severe storms and natural disasters. Soon, they will be coming up with safety guides and disaster kits for the school. We will be asking you soon, about helping us getting the materials needed to put the disaster kits together. More on that will come home soon!  
     In math, we started talking and working on learning to add with regrouping. It is going to take a while for the kids to get the hang of the steps of regrouping with addition and subtraction, but we are moving in the right direction! There was a really cool moment with a couple of kids that were trying to solve a word problem by drawing lots of circles and using tallies, but I told them that they had to show me their work by showing me the subtraction with regrouping instead of drawing all of that stuff. At first, they looked at me like I had 3 heads, but within a few seconds, both of them were like, "Oh my gosh! This is SO MUCH EASIER AND WAY FASTER!"  Eurika! It was a golden math moment that I know will spread! Oh, the joy of light bulbs turning on, and the understanding of why we are doing something sinks in, is the best warm fuzzy feeling ever! 
     Valentine's Week has been jam-packed busy! Of course, we had fun on Valentine's Day with graphing candy hearts then writing about the data that was collected. 
     Later in the day, we made cards for the Wilmington Health Rehabilitation Center that has elderly people stay there while they are recovering from accidents and/or hip replacements...When I delivered the cards that the kids made, the nurses who took them were SO EXCITED! They said that there are lots of elderly folk who are there (for a long time) and have no family or anyone visit them. They said that the cards that the kids made would be the only thing that they get, and that it would make many people very happy! That's how you send love to strangers! I feel so proud of us for caring about people we don't even know, by doing something to make their day brighter! 
     After that, the kids got to deliver their Valentine's to each other, which was great fun! 
     Talk about being spoiled...you all did way too much for me! I feel loved by you and the kids every single day! xoxo Saying "Thank you" never feels like enough, but "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!" 
      In addition to all the love and kindness going around, we have been very busy learning about the Water Cycle. First, the kids had to travel to seven different stations as a water molecule. They had to read what the station said and then go where ever that water molecule would go in nature. It was such a great activity to watch and listen to their conversations while they were traveling around like water droplets!       The next day, we made little water cycles in baggies, which are hanging from our windows. The kids had to be like scientists and draw and write the steps of what we did in their INQUIRY JOURNALS. The kids will be able to make observations over time, to check out changes in the baggy water cycles.
     We also went outside to make puddles and to observe the clouds. We went out again, hours later, to see what changes we could find with the puddles and the clouds. Lots more great conversations happened from our outside observation times! Things were very different from the morning to the afternoon, so they were excited about the differences. 
     For Math, we have continued working on subtraction with regrouping practice while also mixing in trying to work on addition and subtraction fact fluency. Learning to subtract with regrouping is really difficult when lots of the kids still struggle with 9-6, for example. We are working on fun and different ways to try to build their fact fluency to make the rest of their math life much easier!  Any addition and subtraction practice at home would help greatly! Dollar Store flash cards are great for getting more fluent with math facts!!!
     That's a quick snapshot of our week! Sorry for any typos...I'm ready for the weekend to start!  Whew!  _______________________________________
  It's great to finally be back on a normal schedule after the crazy January we had! We are wrapping up all of the mid-year assessments finally! They took longer as well since we lost so many days! 

The kids have been learning so much new stuff over the last couple of weeks! 

     We started learning how to subtract with regrouping. This is a tough skill for kids to get, so it takes a lot of practice to get into the habit of showing their work, borrowing from the tens place, then moving that ten to the ones place to create a new number. We spent time working on dry erase boards together, practiced in small group, and one-on-one. The kids were able to put their new skills to work on trying to solve a mystery of the kidnapped groundhog. They enjoyed solving the mystery! Some kids get the skill quicker than others, so we will continue to practice subtracting with regrouping in different situations. 
     We also work a lot on building our mental math skills while sharing the different strategies that were used to find the answers. There are still a number of kids that are not fluent with their simple one-digit addition and subtraction skills, so we are going to work on building fact fluency to support their future math problem solving! 
     STUDY LADDER is a great tool to use at home for math support! There are drills and fun things the kids can do to support their math skills! Any time your child might be bored, tell them to get on Study Ladder!! 

     Last week was all focused on groundhog fun! The kids had different activities to complete such as:
  • Read about groundhogs
  • Use the text to find answers to questions about the reading
  • Write their opinion about groundhogs
  • Alphabetize words related to groundhogs
  • Practice writing complete sentences 
There were so many things that we covered while also diving into WEATHER! The kids filled out the top part of a KWL sheet on weather. They wrote what they know about weather and what they wonder about weather. From there, they have had to respond to reading about weather. They will have lots of different types of reading that they will respond to while also starting to do a little research about different types of severe weather. That will hopefully start next week! 

While thinking about weather, we have been working on states of matter and the water cycle. They are learning all kinds of new vocabulary words that get their science minds humming!

There is so much more than that, but I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of some of the work that has been happening in here! A bunch of the groundhog stuff will be sent home soon. Not all of it was completed due to time, but they can always finish any incomplete parts at home! 

Important Information!!
This is where we will write things that you might need to know! 
You can also check out the Important News and Dates tab (on the left) to see dates you need to know about! 



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We are going BATTY! It's time to start working on our BAT WONDER PROJECTS!!! (Information will be coming home in the binder soon!)

The kids are so excited and full of wonder while we are learning and exploring more about BATS and why we should care about them. 

The kids will be working on answering their wonders about BATS during Reading/Writing Workshop and Inquiry time. 

Any books, articles, or websites your child finds, please have them bring that information to class all next week, so they can work on putting their information book together, in class. 

They are to work on the visual representation piece at home. If you have a color printer at home, it would be wonderful if your child could print any pictures of their species of bat, so when they are sharing, everyone else will get a great visual of what that bat species looks like!

The Due Date for this project will be on Wednesday, December 6th. 

The Bat Museum will be on Friday, December 8th from 1:00-2:00. 


So much has been going on for the last couple of weeks! It is hard to keep updates here while sending pictures to dojo, but this is still your go-to spot to keep informed of big things! 

The kids have been having a blast with moving from Mystery Bags to Pumpkin Math, Science, Reading and Writing! It has been fun stretching their minds as they came up with lots of observations and WONDERS about pumpkins! Since we have been so engaged with pumpkin learning, the kids are even more excited for our visit to Mike's Farm! That trip will not only be a blast, but it will also help the kids build even more connections and learning through pumpkins! We so appreciate all of the parents driving on that trip so the kids can have an amazing and memorable experience! We are so thankful for you all! 
Our class representatives were Caroline and Gianna. They did an amazing job speaking in front of the entire school!  Job well done ladies! 

 It's always busy in second grade! Check out the kids hopes and dreams... 
Your hope and dream for your child (that you wrote during Open House)  is hanging right in front of the kids' hopes and dreams mermaid. That's how we are welcomed into 2nd grade every morning! What a way to start the day... You can feel the warm fuzzies as you walk in our 2nd grade world! 

Not only have the kids continued to work on being kind, working hard, building stamina, and learning to persevere, but we (the teachers) were also working hard getting information ready for Parent Information Night! If you were not able to come to the meeting we emailed the information and put it on the website under the tab: Parent Information Night! Hopefully it will fill you in if you weren't able to attend! 

Week of Sept 5-8
INQUIRY: The kids are still working on coming up with our second grade rules. They have been working in groups, trying to downsize the many rules they originally came up with. Now, they have to come up with a positive name for the rules. We will let you know what the final 2nd grade rules are very soon! 

MATH: We have jumped into math head first this week!  We are working on Place Value with our mathematicians since it is the foundation of everything else we learn in 2nd grade. We have done some group activities,  read a funny, but detailed, book about Place Value,  discussed some anchor charts, watched a video, and are getting ready to start center rotations.
READING/WRITING WORKSHOP: Not only have the kids been mathematicians this week, but they have also been readers and writers! The kids have been working on different rotations each day... Responding to a journal prompt, working on handwriting practice, completing reading and word work focusing on "a" and "a_e" words and patterns, and learning how to use the dictionary!! Dictionaries are soooo cool! 😎

That's a quick snapshot of what we've been up to in 2nd grade!! 

We had a great first week of school! 
The kids were all working well together and getting to know each other! We are off to a great start! 

We took a school tour as a second grade group.  We circled up under the new outdoor space and went around introduced ourselves. It was the perfect way to start off our second grade journey together! ❤

We started Monday off right by watching a video by Kid President! 

After the video,  we went back to our own rooms and brainstormed why we come to school. They had all great reasons!  
Then,  we broke into groups and the kids started brainstorming what class rules they think we need to have to have a fun and safe learning environment!