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Thanks to our AMAZING Room Parent Moms!!! They are already rocking out everything we need for the Winter Festival! Here is the information from them below...
It is fabulous how many people have already signed up for different parts to contribute to making this Winter Festival the best ever! Thank you all!!! 

Winter Festival is on Saturday, December 2nd.  Each grade level is responsible for putting together a gift basket for the raffle as well as a craft or activity for the festival.  This year the 2nd grade theme is "The Great Outdoors" and our activity is BINGO!  

Please visit this link to sign-up for donating items for the basket and the game.  

Many businesses will donate, so don't be afraid to ask (Great Outdoor Provision, Dicks, Canady's Sport Center).  Also, you can donate money and we will use that money to fill in the basket with unpurchased/extra items.  If you decide to give cash, check (made out to Tiffany Walker) or gift card, send to school in the daily binder marked "Winter Festival".  There will be a basket outside the 2nd grade rooms to collect any items sent in.  

One more thing - we need prizes for the Bingo game so if you have a connection at a business that would donate gift cards for small items (think food, beverage or activity) please let us know.  

If you have any questions, send them our way.  Thank you!  
Jill, Laurie & Shelley 


Important Information!!
This is where we will write things that you might need to know! 
You can also check out the Important News and Dates tab (on the left) to see dates you need to know about! 



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We are going BATTY! It's time to start working on our BAT WONDER PROJECTS!!! (Information will be coming home in the binder soon!)

The kids are so excited and full of wonder while we are learning and exploring more about BATS and why we should care about them. 

The kids will be working on answering their wonders about BATS during Reading/Writing Workshop and Inquiry time. 

Any books, articles, or websites your child finds, please have them bring that information to class all next week, so they can work on putting their information book together, in class. 

They are to work on the visual representation piece at home. If you have a color printer at home, it would be wonderful if your child could print any pictures of their species of bat, so when they are sharing, everyone else will get a great visual of what that bat species looks like!

The Due Date for this project will be on Wednesday, December 6th. 

The Bat Museum will be on Friday, December 8th from 1:00-2:00. 


So much has been going on for the last couple of weeks! It is hard to keep updates here while sending pictures to dojo, but this is still your go-to spot to keep informed of big things! 

The kids have been having a blast with moving from Mystery Bags to Pumpkin Math, Science, Reading and Writing! It has been fun stretching their minds as they came up with lots of observations and WONDERS about pumpkins! Since we have been so engaged with pumpkin learning, the kids are even more excited for our visit to Mike's Farm! That trip will not only be a blast, but it will also help the kids build even more connections and learning through pumpkins! We so appreciate all of the parents driving on that trip so the kids can have an amazing and memorable experience! We are so thankful for you all! 
Our class representatives were Caroline and Gianna. They did an amazing job speaking in front of the entire school!  Job well done ladies! 

 It's always busy in second grade! Check out the kids hopes and dreams... 
Your hope and dream for your child (that you wrote during Open House)  is hanging right in front of the kids' hopes and dreams mermaid. That's how we are welcomed into 2nd grade every morning! What a way to start the day... You can feel the warm fuzzies as you walk in our 2nd grade world! 

Not only have the kids continued to work on being kind, working hard, building stamina, and learning to persevere, but we (the teachers) were also working hard getting information ready for Parent Information Night! If you were not able to come to the meeting we emailed the information and put it on the website under the tab: Parent Information Night! Hopefully it will fill you in if you weren't able to attend! 

Week of Sept 5-8
INQUIRY: The kids are still working on coming up with our second grade rules. They have been working in groups, trying to downsize the many rules they originally came up with. Now, they have to come up with a positive name for the rules. We will let you know what the final 2nd grade rules are very soon! 

MATH: We have jumped into math head first this week!  We are working on Place Value with our mathematicians since it is the foundation of everything else we learn in 2nd grade. We have done some group activities,  read a funny, but detailed, book about Place Value,  discussed some anchor charts, watched a video, and are getting ready to start center rotations.
READING/WRITING WORKSHOP: Not only have the kids been mathematicians this week, but they have also been readers and writers! The kids have been working on different rotations each day... Responding to a journal prompt, working on handwriting practice, completing reading and word work focusing on "a" and "a_e" words and patterns, and learning how to use the dictionary!! Dictionaries are soooo cool! 😎

That's a quick snapshot of what we've been up to in 2nd grade!! 

We had a great first week of school! 
The kids were all working well together and getting to know each other! We are off to a great start! 

We took a school tour as a second grade group.  We circled up under the new outdoor space and went around introduced ourselves. It was the perfect way to start off our second grade journey together! ❤

We started Monday off right by watching a video by Kid President! 

After the video,  we went back to our own rooms and brainstormed why we come to school. They had all great reasons!  
Then,  we broke into groups and the kids started brainstorming what class rules they think we need to have to have a fun and safe learning environment!