Prospective Students

CFCI Lottery (2012)

2013 Lottery Date:  February 21, 2013 at 9:00 am in the Multipurpose Room.


Information Sessions

January 12th- 10am
January 17th- 6pm
January 23rd- 4:30pm
January 29th- 6:30pm

Location:  Multi-purpose building
**No Pre-registration is required for the meetings and children are welcome to attend!**


Cape Fear Center for Inquiry Lottery Process

During the month of January, CFCI will conduct Parent Education meetings which give parents the opportunity to tour the school, meet the faculty, and learn about our school. Applications for the upcoming school year are distributed at the close of each meeting. A table will be set up in the multi-purpose room, and staff members will have parents write their name, and the name(s) of their child (ren) on a log sheet as applications are given out.


Lottery numbers are assigned to each application, starting with “1” (siblings receive the same number). A staff member will write in the lottery number on the application before giving it to the parent. The deadline for application submission is the last school day in January (1/31/13 this year). If mailed, the application must be postmarked no later than

1/31/13.Our lottery is generally held the third week of February, allowing teachers to have time to assess home-schooled applicants to determine proper grade placement for the lottery. Teachers are asked if spots for possible retentions need to be held. The front office staff will determine the number of students rising to the next grade level, plus sibling placement. Available spots in each grade are determined with this data. At this point, charts are prepared detailing class enrollment number, number of rising students filling spots, number of held spots, and number of spots going to siblings. (see attached sample-this is what the large wall charts for the lottery will look like).


All applications, once received, are reviewed by the front office staff for necessary info, i.e., parent signatures, address and telephone numbers, and are marked if child has an IEP, 504 or needs Speech therapy. The applications are placed alphabetically, by grade, into 3 ring binders and held in the front office. After the application deadline, lottery cards are prepared with the lottery number and grade(s). Typed lists with applicants’ names and lottery numbers are placed in front of each binder. Copies of these lists will be used to record the presence of parents at the lottery. Parents who attend will be given a note or card with their child (ren)’s lottery number. Copies will also be used by the lottery helpers to record whether child is “IN” or the wait list number as numbers are called. One staff member draws the cards out of a box, announces the number and the grade (or grades if there are siblings); usually four staff members are needed to record the results on the lottery lists (2 grades per person). One staff member will mark the large charts which are attached to the back wall of the multi-purpose room. The charts are basically used so that parents in attendance can watch the process. A total of 7 staff members are generally needed: one to sit at the sign-in table for parents as they come in, one to draw numbers, four to record results on lists, and one to mark wall charts. The lottery usually lasts from 9:00 a.m. until approximately 10:00 a.m.

After the lottery, applications are rearranged by status in the binders. In order to avoid multiple calls to the same families, the status of siblings is recorded on one application so that one call can be placed. Staff members place calls to all applicants informing them of the results.