Pre-school/afterschool Garderie


  • The "Garderie" can take place in the playground or in the dining room, depending on weather conditions. 
  • Alongside supervising the children 'Garderie" staff will offer to lead the children in simple activities (colouring, beads, quiet games, ping pong) if desired. 
  • The children can also be encouraged to do their homework independently


Registration and Payment:

  • Garderie service is for pupils in the GSM and Primary section of CFBL only.
  • You have the choice to either pay for the whole term in advance at a reduced rate per session or use Pay As You Go whereby you can pay per session as required.
  • Please log into the online booking form if you would like to use the Garderie service www.cfblclubs.org.uk
  • The rates are published on the online  system.
  • We accept childcare vouchers as a form of payment for the Garderie.


Garderie Sessions

 Morning Garderie:

Starts 8:00am and finishes 8:45am

Every school day


Afternoon Garderie:

Starts 3:45pm and finishes 5pm

Every school day excluding Wednesdays


Evening Garderie:

Starts 5pm and finishes 6pm

Every school day excluding Wednesdays


 What type of Booking is best for me?

 There are two methods of booking the Garderie: Term bookings and Pay-as-you-go.


TERM Booking

Term Bookings are more cost effective if you have the need for your child to attend the Garderie on a particular day(s) and time for the whole term. No refunds are offered for missed sessions. Although, unless you already informed the school that your child was sick on that day,  we ask you to  inform clubs@cfbl.org.uk if your child is not going to attend their booked session/s.


Pay-as-You-Go Booking

PAYG (Pay as you go) bookings allows you to book for any session on any day of the week as suitable to your needs. PAYG is advisable if you cannot commit to a day of the week or if you only need to use the Garderie occasionally. This method also allows you to cancel booked sessions and have the credit refunded; if done so by at least 5pm the day before by email to clubs@cfbl.org.uk.  



Booking Deadlines (PAYG) :

 You must book  your child’s Garderie session by the cut off time for the session as follows:

Morning Garderie - 7am (same day)

Afternoon Garderie - 3pm (same day)

Evening Garderie - 3pm (same day)


Drop off and Collection:

  • Drop off and collection of your children will be from the Holmes Road entrance. Please ring the doorbell to gain entrance. 
  • Children will be signed in by staff and after-school garderie pupils will require a signature from the parent/guardian to be signed out of the garderie - unless it has been specified that they can leave alone.  
  • For the preschool "Garderie" your child has to arrive before 8h40 to be able to use  the garderie service, as at 8h45 children will be directed to their classroom
  • If you arrive after 8h40  then please go to the dedicated entrance of your child's class as specified by the school
  • Children attending the Afternoon/Evening Garderie will need to go to the Garderie directly at the end of the school day. GSM students will be brought by GSM staff.
  • For the Afternoon and Evening Garderie sessions please provide a snack and a drink for your child
  • Please do not drop off or send your child to the Garderie unless they have been officially booked in via our online booking system. Failure to book in advance will result in paying a higher fee - as explained in  our terms and conditions published on the online booking system.


Please find below our tariffs for the 'Garderie'* .

Any session started is to be paid in full.


Tarifs for the Garderie

Days applicable



(per session per child)

Pay as you Go (PAYG) Booking

(per session per child)



Mondays to Fridays

 8h00 - 8h45 



 Afternoon Garderie     

 Mondays,Tuesdays, Thursdays,Fridays

 15h45 - 17h



 Evening Garderie   

 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

 17h - 18h




*Failure to book in advance will result in having to pay the non-booking fee of £8 per child per session started. This will be automatically debited to your online account.