About the Garderie

CFBL Clubs provides a preschool "Garderie" from 8h15 to 8h45 and an afterschool "Garderie" from 15h30 to18h.
 school children only.  
  • The "Garderie" can take place in the playground or in the dining room, depending on weather conditions. 
  • Alongside supervising the children 'Garderie" staff will offer to lead the children in simple activities (colouring, beads, quiet games) if desired. 
  • The children can also be encouraged to do their homework independently
  • For the afternon and evening Garderie sessions please provide a snack and a drink for your child
Drop off and Collection:
  • Drop off and collection of  your children will be from the Holmes Road entrance. Please ring the doorbell to gain entrance. 
  • Children will be signed in by staff and afterschool garderie students will require a signature from the parent/guardian to be signed out of the garderie - unless it has been specified that they can leave alone.  
  • For the preschool "Garderie" your child has to arrive before 8h55 to take advantage of the garderie, as at 9h00 children will be directed to their classroom
  • If you arrive after 8h55 fro the preschool "Garderie", then please go to the dedicated entrance of your child's class as specified by the school
  • Please do not drop off or send your child to the Garderie unless they have been officially booked in (via a Term booking or emailing in advance for a PAYG Booking). Failure to book in advance may result in a fine - please refer to our terms and conditions.
Registration and Payment:
  • You have the choice to either register and pay for the whole term in advance or use Pay As You Go.
  • More information about this can be found in 'Sessions and Booking
Please go to the registration page if you would like to sign up: Registration