PD Credit Details

Exciting news!  Some of our badges are now eligible for PD credit!
Look for the banners pictured below that indicate which badges currently qualify for PD hours.


PD Credit FAQs

I earned a badge between November 2015 and May 2017.  How will I be awarded credit?
You should have received an email with instructions and an updated checklist in May 2017 to guide you through this process.  If you did NOT receive an email, please contact the Game On Development team at gameoncfb@cfbisd.edu with your name and campus, as well as the name of the badge you earned during this time.

I just applied for a badge that counts for PD credit... when will it show up in Eduphoria?
When you apply for a badge, we review your application and you receive communication about whether you earned the badge or need to make revisions to your application.  If you earn a badge that counts for PD credit, your checklist will now include instructions for applying for PD credit in Eduphoria.  This requires action on your part, it is not automatically awarded!  You will receive a confirmation of your PD credit once your Eduphoria application is approved.  If you have questions about this process, contact your digital learning specialist or email us at gameoncfb@cfbisd.edu.

Do these credit hours count toward my days at Thanksgiving?
At this time, badge credit hours do not count toward days you must make up for holidays during the school year, but we are in the process of developing a proposal so they will (hopefully) next year!  Watch for Game On CFB newsletters with updates on the PD process in 2017-2018.

Is there a deadline for applying for PD credit?
If you earned a qualifying badge before June 2017, your deadline for applying for PD credit is June 9, 2017.  If you earn a badge after June 1, 2017, we encourage you to apply for PD credit as soon as you receive your confirmation email and instructions.  The credit will apply for the school year during which you earned the badge.

Will more badges be available for PD credit?
We sure hope so!  That's the plan.  As we roll out new badges in 2017-2018 and beyond, and as we update our existing badge collection, we aim to provide as many opportunities for online PD through Game On CFB as possible.  Look for updates on new PD opportunities in the Game On CFB newsletter!