What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a world-wide event that promotes computer science in schools.  To participate, a learner simply needs to spend one hour practicing programming skills or writing code.  The organization that developed the Hour of Code movement, Code.org, also works cooperatively with companies involved in programming, technology, and education in order to provide a wide variety of applications that teachers and students can use to complete their hour of code.

Officially, the Hour of Code takes place during Computer Science Education Week in December, but in order to accommodate for scheduling, we encourage campus staff to facilitate an Hour of Code between November and January.  Our goal for 2015 is to have 100% of our campuses participate in the Hour of Code!

This video is a good starting place for learning more!

The Hour of Code is Here!

What badges are associated with the Hour of Code?

You can earn a badge for Hour of Code based on the nature of your participation.

   If you are new to Hour of Code, communicate with your ITS, your librarian, or your designated Hour of Code coordinator.  They will support you in scheduling and facilitating an hour of code with your students.  

Participation at this level will earn you the "Code Cadet" badge.
 If you have participated in Hour of Code before, and would like to facilitate your students' participation on your own, we applaud your initiative!  

Participation that does not require your Hour of Code coordinator will allow you to earn the "Code Captain" badge.
If you have taken on the challenge of organizing an Hour of Code opportunity for your campus at large, your are considered an Hour of Code Coordinator.  This involves promoting the event, scheduling and organizing participation on a campus-wide scale, and being a point-of-contact on your campus for Hour of Code questions.  

This level of participation allows you to earn the "Code Coordinator" badge.

How do I participate?

Here are some options for resources you can use with students at different grade levels.  Note that these are suggestions-- your older students might still appreciate using resources from lower grade levels, especially if they are new to coding!

You can also search Code.org's collection of coding resources: https://code.org/learn.

 Grades K-2 Grades 3-5  Grades 6-8  Grades 9-12 
Code Studio Course 1 Code Studio Course 2 Code Studio Course 3 Code Studio Course 4
 The Foos (app & site)  Frozen Star Wars   Accelerated CS Course
 Kodable (app & site)  Star Wars Minecraft  Artist
 Lightbot (app & site)  Minecraft Play Lab CodeHS
 Run Marco (app & site)  Play Lab Artist MakeSchool
Daisy the Dinosaur (app)  Tynker (app  & site) Code Combat Code Combat
   Lightbot (app & site)