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AP Exams


March 1st is the Priority deadline for ordering your AP Exams! 
Go to the online school store to order!  If you are eligible for a fee waiver, please see Mrs. Hoffman.

AP Bulletin for Students and Parents - more information about AP Exams and the testing schedule.

Learn more about AP online score reporting!
If students have trouble finding their AP number to login to their AP account, they may also try using their student ID number (aka their lunch account number).  Scores are reported the first week of July online at

Get a good night's rest before every exam
Eat breakfast to get your brain energized
Take a deep breath and let it out.  Repeat two more times.
#2 pencils - no mechanical pencils OR highlighters are allowed in the Exam room
Black or dark Blue ink pens - no other colors will be scored on the Free Response
part of the exam
Calculator if needed
The exam room must be free of all cell phones, ipods, MP3 Players, and any other non-medical electronic devices.
Please respect the CollegeBoard and its quest for testing integrity.

Contact Mrs. Hoffman if you have questions!