French Book Fair for your School !
At Canadian Education Warehouse, we believe that reading is the key to developing and enhancing the knowledge of students learning French. That is why as a Franco-Ontarian business, we give so much importance to French books. Our boutique contains practically only French books and resources, we regularly organize French book fairs, "Livres en Fête!", in immersion and French schools working with us.

We understand there is less and less time for you to organize such, so important events, this is why we are proposing a TURN KEY BOOK FAIR program. Pick the date, leave the rest to us, but support (your's, the school, your volunteers) is always greatly welcome!

Working with all of the most important French Book Distributors in the Province of Québec allows us to present your students with a large and exciting selection of titles in all categories for readers of all ages. We can also tweak the assortment to meet your needs. 

  • Schedule the Book Fair date with us 
  • Customize your format / content
  • Involve your school your community
  • Work with our Book Specialist to promote the event
  • Create a premier special event "Tapis-rouge" for your colleagues
  • Let us do the work (Set up, run the event, process sales and orders, pack up)
  • See all the happy readers with their new books
  • Take advantage of the event to restock your collections
  • Enjoy the event / reap the benefits!
  • C'est ça "LIVRES EN FËTE !"