Steve Jarrett, District Technology Coordinator
Phone 802-858-1729
Jeff Wallis, Chief Network Engineer
Phone 802-858-1727
Jean Campbell, Assistant Network Engineer
Phone 802-858-1726
Jed Carini, Technology Support Specialist
Phone 802-434-2461 (RES) 802-434-2188 (CHMS)
802-434-2757 (Smilie)
Cherie Fabiani, Technology Support Specialist
Phone 802-899-3711 (BRMS)
802-899-4680 (UID)
David McClellan, Technology Support Specialist
Phone 802-899-4093 (MMU)
Wendy Garrapy, Technology Support Specialist
Phone 802-899-3711 (BRMS)
Kellie Bright, Technology Support Specialist
Phone 802-899-2272 (JES)  
802-899-4676 (UCS)
Eric Hall, Technology Integration Specialist Grades 9-12
Phone 802-858-1695
Renee Barrett, Technology Integration Specialist Grades 5-8
Shaun Langevin, Technology Integration Specialist Grades K-4


CESU Help Desk 
211 Browns Trace Jericho, VT 05465
Phone: 802-899-4093 (Inside MMU x4093) 

Please call, email or stop by for technical assistance during school hours(7:30 am - 3:30pm), or leave us a message and someone will contact you soon.  The CESU Help Desk is located in the computer lab at Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho, Vt.  We serve all nine schools in Chittenden East Supervisory Union, Mansfield Academy and our Central Office.

Tech Services Mission
It is the mission of the technology team to assist staff and students in fulfilling school goals by supporting the integration of technology into the curriculum, providing professional development, advancing the technology infrastructure, and securing the network.


Our philosophy in working for Chittenden East Supervisory Union is to first and foremost listen and be respectful of teachers, students, administrators, board members, and community members. It is these people that make our jobs possible. It is a symbiotic relationship, meaning it is a give and take situation where staff and students provide feedback and input and insight into what they need for technology and we give back the knowledge that we have about running a computer network, making technology accessible to as many students and adults as possible and ultimately train our kids and teens about technology use that will take them out into the world prepared to use it, learn from it and aid them in having successful lives.

We believe in facilitating and sharing knowledge with students and staff on the use of technology to assist in creating a learning environment that gets students excited to learn, helps them to understand how to be a responsible digital citizen and helps them to research, create and grow in multiple disciplines and areas of their learning experience.