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MMU Choral Event Calendar January-June 2016

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All State Music Festival Auditions

Sat., January 16


CVU, Hinesburg


Thu.-Fri, Jan.  28 - 29

7:30 PM


                                       MMU Chorus/VYO Dvorak Te Deum Schedule:
                                              Elly Long Center, Colchester, VT
                                       MMU bus provided round trip departs 5:15pm/returns 8:30pm
                                              Tuesday, January 5th 6:00-8:00pm
                                              Tuesday, January 12th 6:00-8:00pm
                                              Tuesday, January 19th 6:00-8:00pm
                                              Sunday, January 24th 12:45-3:30pm
                                               Rehearsal with Vermont Youth Orchestra
                                               Bus departs MMU at 12:00pm/returns 4:00pm
                                              Tuesday, January 26th 6:00-8:00pm
MMU Choirs Perform Dvorak’s Te Deum
with Vermont Youth Orchestra…………………………………………………………… Sunday January 31st, 2016
                                                                          Concert 3:00pm, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
                                                                                                                              Burlington, Vermont
                                                                                           Bus departs MMU @ 11:30am/Returns 5:00pm


Fri., March 4

7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium


Thu.-Sat., Mar.17-19

Depart Thurs AM

Gilford, NH


Wed - Sat., May 4 - 7

Depart Wed 3:30PM

MVU, Swanton, VT


Thu., May 12

(6) 7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium


Wed., May 25

7:00 PM

MMU Auditorium


Wed., June 1

(6) 7 - 9 PM

MMU Auditorium


Fri., June 3

7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium

MMU Select Chorus Performs at Mid-Winter Madrigal Festival..!

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MMU Choral Calendar for 2015

posted Jan 28, 2015, 5:16 AM by Caleb Pillsbury

MMUsic Choral Calendar 2014-2015






Thu.-Fri, Jan.  29-30


Enosburg Falls High School


Fri., March 13

7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium


Thu.-Sat., Mar.19-21

2 PM Band Concert

4:30 Chorus Concert

Keene High School, NH


Thu., April 16

(6) 7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium


Wed - Sat., May 6-9

2 PM Band Concert

4:30 Chorus Concert

Middlebury, VT


ALL MMU Choirs & Orchestra

Sunday, May 17th


MMU Auditorium


Fri., May 22

7 - 10 PM

MMU Auditorium


Wed., May 27


MMU Auditorium


Wed., June 3

(6) 7 - 9 PM

MMU Auditorium

Instrumental Music e-mail sent 1/19/2015

posted Jan 20, 2015, 5:24 AM by Mary Bauer

Goodmorning MMUsic,
Looking out at the snow is so calming for me, not sure everyone feels that way but I still love it! Martin Luther King, an inspiration and a wonderful human being who fought for what he believed in. I am reminded by this day that we should fight for what we believe in, especially if you know it is really important for our children and our future. University of Vermont did a study about music and this too is something that I feel very passionate about~Music is needed for every child and adult in order to feel whole. Please read it and think how cool it is that our very own University, in our back yard did this amazing study~The results are fabulous and support everything we do in CESU as Music Educators. Thank you for supporting us!
Science Just Discovered~A UVM Science Study

Again to all the chaperones who helped out last Friday with the Lock in~It was so much fun! I did leave off Mr. Thomas Sturm~Thank you mr. Sturm

*** Please remember the Instrumental Band Concert has been scheduled for APRIL not January~

***Student Community Service Opportunity!
If you need four hours of community service, now is your chance. I am looking for students to help move furniture to our new home.
SUNDAY, January 25th at 10:00 am
Please meet at 40A Pleasant Valley Road (Underhill)
IF we go over the four hours you will be paid.

Students need to bring a pot luck dish to share
Wednesday 21st~In the cafeteria
Dinner starts at 7:30 PM
Concert starts at 8:00 PM
Concert dress please and students need to be in the band room by 7:00 pm (if possible, I know Camels Hump has a concert as well)

***SYMPHONY NIGHT~Saturday 24th
Orchestra students seeing the vermont Symphony Orchestra Saturday Night. Don't forget about our dinner at RI RA's~Dress nicely
4:30/4:45 meet at Ri Ra's (Transportation is up to the student)
Have dinner
6:45 pm go to the Flynn
7:00 pm go to Pre-Concert talk
8:00 pm Concert
10:00/10:15 pm students need to get picked up

***Northwest District Music Festival
Here is your permission form/Itinerary, hard copies will go out this week.
Any questions please let me know.

I hope you are selling, selling & selling!
Orange sheets with money (Checks written to MMUsic)
Same "on call" policy that week for students like in the Fall.

Are coming in steadily, thank you!
Please remember your January and february payments​
Fundraiser money/profit will not be ready until February 15th~

If you see anything that needs changing or anything that needs to be added, please let me know.
Musically Yours,

Instrumental e-mail sent out 12/15/2014

posted Dec 15, 2014, 10:05 AM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
WOW! three days of snow and no school~I hope this e-mail finds you safe, warm and with power. Thinking about many of you who endured days without power and hoping you are all hooked up again.

I am not assigning Smartmusic until after vacation~Students did not have power last week so I've decided to give them this week, and next week is a short week/vacation which means no assignments will go out. This is a great time to get them done!
The grade I posted today includes the ones not done last week. If you could not get them done, no worries that grade will change in two weeks :-)

Symphony sign up for pot luck dinner for our concert January 21st
Here is the link:

***MMUsic Rehearsal, dinner, bubble soccer and movie event Lock-In-January 16th, 2015
Please keep an eye out for an itinerary and permission slip for this event by the end of the week.

Payment Schedule can be done in two ways-Whichever is easiest for you (This is with the 50 dollars off):
Every month on the 5th for $534.25
On the 5th and 19th of every month for for $267.12


Audition times are on the band board at the end of the day- Please know that I can change times but there is a $10.00 fee if you wait until the last minute.

You have a few choices for me to hear your solo before you go to All-State (You NEED to pick one before you are eligible to go)

1.    1.  Record yourself via Smartmusic (solo and scales)-Orchestra can't do this option

2.    2.  Record yourself with another recording avenue (solo and scales)

3.     3.Set up a time during PAWS (You need to tell me today)

4.    4.  Play in front of class (solo and scales)

Any questions or concerns please contact me.
Musically Yours,

Instrumental e-mail sent out 12-8-2014

posted Dec 8, 2014, 6:20 AM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr it's cold outside, I hope you are staying warm!

To all the instrumentalists that auditioned for the New England Music Festival last Saturday. 
Maia Hendrickson for performing at the Freshman breakfast....

***Thank you
To the students and parents who were able to make the Bella Voce concert this past weekend. As a performer it is super awesome to see friendly faces in the audience. Another PR plug: We have released our 5th CD and I was blessed to be asked to play clarinet as a soloist with a piece called "Night".
Please visit the following site if you want to purchase a CD. It makes a great holiday gift.

Sell, sell and sell

***HAWAII Payment
Due on the 15th if you did not turn it in on the 5th.
Please make sure your checks are made out to Goodspeed and Bach.

Due on Sunday's

I will be sharing a Google doc this week with students for sign ups for food.
Everyone should bring something to eat so we can have a wonderful evening with food and music.

​As always any questions or concerns please get in touch!
Musically Yours,

Instrumental Post sent on 12-1-2014

posted Dec 3, 2014, 12:12 PM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Instead of traveling for our family we stayed home due to weather, we missed our families far away but we still had a wonderful holiday with all the Thanksgiving trimmings....
Like I told the students before break, I am so thankful for you all and our amazing community. Music is valued here in our school and that is because of your  support. May you all have a wonderful Holiday season this year.

To Michael O'Connor for his performance with the Burlington Musical "Shrek"
You were fantastic!

***Orange prices/date
10lb box (of oranges or grapefruit or mixed)-$34.00
20lb box (or oranges, grapefruit or mixed)-$42.00

Please know that these are marked for a 50% profit. IF you decide to lower the cost please notate it on your order form so I can adjust the prices. 
I understand the prices are high...

SLIP/MONEY TURN IN-February 3rd (Tuesday). 
DELIVERY-will be between March 2nd-7th.

***Northwest music districts auditions
This Wednesday-we leave at 3:30 pm on the dot-Bus will meet out back by the bus garage. Attendance will be taken in the band room at 3:15 pm.
Students should bring a bagged dinner/snack, while they are waiting they will have time to eat and study/do homework.
Please dress NICE~No jeans and/or sneakers. This is an audition and 
 need to look appropriate.
I will be judging​ clarinets while students are auditioning. IF they have notated on their permission forms that a parent is driving them home they need to peek and wave at me in the clarinet judging room so I know they are leaving. I am attaching the permission form again. 
Please know that students are not allowed to leave with another parent/friend without parental permission. I will not accept a phone call/text while at auditions counting as permission. This needs to be figured out before hand and notated on the permission form.

***Hawaii Payment
Payment Schedule can be done in two ways-Whichever is easiest for you (This is with the 50 dollars off):
Every month on the 5th for $534.25
On the 5th and 19th of every month for for $267.12
I will hand out payment slips at the end of the week~Sorry it wasn't ready for the first payment.

--There were some additions/mistakes to some orange orders. I will work out the profit asap and update the fundraiser information for these students. Thank you for your patience.

***Full rehearsal/Signed sheet
FULL BAND-2nd and 3rd period band students are excused from their 5th period class to attend this full rehearsal.
Wednesday, December 10th-during 5th period and Paws period

***Personal PR
The Women's choir Bella Voce that I am a member of will be performing this weekend. I LOVE seeing students and parents in the audience!
Please visit their website for more information.

Musically Yours,

Instrumental E-Mail sent out 11/10/14

posted Nov 15, 2014, 1:46 PM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
It's getting cold out there!

A big congratulations to Lily Feinson and Liam Osler for a fantastic Cabaret! also to everyone who participated~Unfortunately I was at a family affair but got texts from numerous students and adults throughout the night telling me how AWESOME it was. 
Students who performed~Victoria Rosales, Paige Schoppmann, Lily Feinson, Kenzie Provencher, Chris Danilich, Michael O'Conner, and Elise Killian
If I forgot someone please let me know.

Also a big CONGRATULATIONS to Haddie
​ Webster (Violin player) who​
 won the Brattleboro Film Festival's top juried young filmmaker’s prize for best film (The Days). This included a $250 cash prize and recognition.
​ H
er film was selected out of over 40 submissions. Out of the 12 or more teens involved in Haddie's movies, Kenzie Provencher is also a band member and was the lead actress in The Days (and this is Haddie's forth movie and Kenzie has been the lead in the last three).  Haddie calls her group Teen Power Productions and they were the subject of a Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM)'s Young Artist Series that aired last year and Haddie also wrote and was awarded a grant from the Huntington Valley Arts for her movies.  

7:00 pm in the band room
This meeting is to finalize the itinerary, set a payment schedule and answer any questions.

Please bring breakfast food for this Wednesday's class :-)
We are welcoming a new student with open arms and lots of food!

Is due on Sunday's~Please get those submissions in.

ARE COMING the week of the 17th. Please remember that you are "on call". Students who sold oranges will need to be by the band room to help with unloading the truck. It will be in the daily announcements and teachers will receive a list of what students sold oranges so if they leave class they know who it is.
Oranges will go on the back of stage by size/weight.
Parents and students can pick up oranges Thursday and Friday evening 5:00-8:30 pm...THIS IS THE ONLY TIME FOR PICK UP.
Thank you for your understanding with the time. 
I will be in the Library during conferences. Please come to my table and take your order form, go get oranges and then check out by having me check off your sheet before you leave. Please make sure that you have the right orders....If you take extra or the wrong boxes it messes up other orders and it requires reimbursements and lots of phone calls to the customers.

If you see any mistakes or I forgot something please let me know asap~
Musically Yours,

Instrumental Music e-mail sent out 11/3/14

posted Nov 3, 2014, 11:15 AM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! love that snow on top of Mount Mansfield.

I want to congratulate Rebecca Barwin for participating and performing with the Vermont Symphonic Winds Group this past weekend. She played beautifully on her Bassoon and all the professional musicians RAVED about her playing....Nice playing Becky!

This Friday at 7 pm
Sign ups will be in the choral board~

Due this Sunday-Students are turning in low grades. Some are not spending time on their assignments. Some are only spending 0:30 seconds on their work (yes it clocks the time). Please remind your child that waiting until the last minute is also not a good idea

As you know I let students take study halls if needed. What I am finding is that many students are asking for them on a Monday or Friday when they had or will have a weekend. 
So far 27.8 hours has been taken since the start of September. IF your child is struggling with HW and they need the time I don't mind giving them the study hall. So early in the year with that much time taken is a bit worrisome so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with their time management.

Just wanted to put it out there that even though this e-mail is music based I would love to include the other things that our music students do. If your child dances, sings, rides horses, does Tae Kwon Do, performs poetry or does anything outside of the school day that you are proud of please share and I will include it with the announcements. I love celebrating our students achievements in and out of the classroom!

**Northwest District Auditions
Wednesday, December 3rd at B.F.A. St Albans
As we get closer I will send out a permission form with a detailed itinerary.

​If I forgot something or you see a mistake please let me know!
Musically Yours,

Instrumental e-mail 10/20/14

posted Oct 20, 2014, 11:29 AM by Mary Bauer

Hello MMUsic,
I sure hope everyone who went to UMASS got some rest. I know it wiped me out but it was well worth it! Congrats Marching Band!
I really loved spending the time with you all~

Don't forget to bring your $9.00 for the VSO concert in January tomorrow

Please make sure you bring your marching band uniform/white shoes. 3rd and 5th period please bring your instruments.
Leave your 6th period class at 12:45 pm, change and then proceed to the gymnasium.
-UNIFORM upkeep. After tomorrow please check to make sure you have the following
Pants (Bibs) 
Please dry clean jacket if needed(you can wash the pants)
Pack away until the Spring
We MAY have a performance in the next few weeks so keep it available.

Audition sectionals start this week during Paws period.
Flutes are this Wed and Clarinets are Thursday
Double reeds will be next week and Saxophones

No exceptions~Please make sure they are turned in (This includes 2nd and 4th period)
Leave envelope with forms and checks on the golden stand.
A quick reminder that check need to be written to MMUsic

Thank you to Chantal O'Connor for taking these fabulous photos.

​VIDEO LINK: (Thank you Bill Ahlers for pointing this out)

As always if you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me.

Musically Yours,

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