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CESU World Language Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to prepare students to participate in local and global communities with an international mindset.  We believe that in a world shaped by global politics and economics, global literacy cannot exist without modern language and culture instruction.  The study of world languages and cultures enriches and enhances lifelong learning experiences and achievements, while promoting greater intellectual development.”

8th Grade FRENCH I:

This course is designed to develop the basic communication skills:  speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as cultural understanding.  Students will be expected to take ownership of their learning as this is a course that they have chosen to participate in.  There is homework each night and it is expected to take about 20 to 30 minutes. When students DO NOT have homework I would highly encourage them to practice their vocabulary as vocabulary helps to build solid foundations!  8th graders will meet 4 times per week throughout the year.  *This will be the last year of a single year French I program.

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7th Grade FRENCH IA:

NEW THIS YEAR.  This year's 7th graders will be taking French I over the course of 2 years allowing us to dive deeper into each theme, to play more with the language (using more age appropriate activities) and for the students to have a deeper sense of what they are learning.  Those students who meet the standard at the end of their 7th grade year will move on to take French IB as 8th graders.  The language teachers are very excited about this shift to a two year program and look forward to having students study the same language over the course of two years.


World Languages is designed to guide students toward a better understanding of what language means in the society in which we live.  This course will help students gain insight into what it means to study a foreign language.  Students will also work on the development of critical thinking skills and begin to learn about foreign cultures.  This class is an introduction to French, Spanish, and Latin, covering a trimester of each, and the idea is to excite students and inspire them to want to further their exploration of foreign languages in the future.  Our classes meet one time per week all year long. Homework is not often assigned but when it is it can usually be completed in 10-15 minutes and there will be projects and assessments each marking period.