Wellness News

Farm to School/ Wellness Update: September 2016

EXCITING NEWS! A Farm to School Coordinator will join our team this year!

What have we accomplished so far?

Looking back over our first 4 years:

  • We put in a GARDEN that is used as an outdoor education classroom and food is harvested for our cafe.

  • CLASSROOMS GROW VEGETABLES all year with grow lights.

  • Students make PESTO from our basil for pesto pizza in our cafe.

  • TASTE TESTS are done regularly.

  • We create FOOD EDUCATION/ COOKING SHOWS 5 times a year.

  • We have a VEGGIE BAR in our cafe.

  • We switched to ALL ROUND TABLES in our cafe.

  • We hold two community events per year, a HARVEST DINNER and a GARDEN FUN RUN, MILE and 5K.

  • We switched to 100% pure MAPLE SYRUP.

  • We focus on LOCAL FOODS in our cafe.

  • We held our first annual FARM TO SCHOOL DINNER BEFORE ARTS NIGHT.

  • We created a MOBILE COOKING CART that goes into many classrooms for hands on cooking experiences.

Goals for this school year:  Once the hiring process is finished, we will meet with our new Farm to School Coordinator and develop a plan.  Part of the plan will be to continue what we are already doing and do it more often and better!  The Coordinator will also focus on local foods, farmer connections, and communication. Other possibilities are farmer correspondence, farm field trips and curriculum support.

Contact Nurse amy if you are interested in getting involved! amy.beckwith@cesuvt.org

Many students have been in the garden this year! Check the sidebar for slideshows of some of the amazing garden helpers!