Embed Media

Images can be uploaded from your computer, Google Drive or inserted by URL for web images (please cite sources!)
  1. In editing mode, place your cursor where you want the image and choose Insert --> Image. You can also Insert --> Drive --> Image, however this method leaves the image in Drive so it must be shared.
  2. An image toolbar will show below the image for formatting options (position, size, and wrapping.)
    Tips: Images cannot be rotated or cropped in Sites, so images need to be modified before inserting.
            Images in Drive can be cropped or rotated using the Pixlr Chrome App
            If text wrapping does not work properly, select the text and use "Tx" to strip formatting.          

NOTE: All image sources should be cited at the bottom of the page where they are used.

Video saved in Google Drive is easy to embed in your site. 
  1. Save your video to Google Drive (recommended) or Upload to YouTube
  2. Share the video ("anyone with link" in Drive, "Unlisted" or "Public on the web" in YouTube)
  3. In Site editing mode, choose "Insert --> Drive --> Video (or YouTube)
  4. You will be given options for size, playback, etc.
NOTE: Your video will appear as a grey "widget" box until you save. Video may take several minutes to process after uploading before being available for embedding.

Audio can be inserted using an audio player "gadget." The audio file must be uploaded as an attachment to the site first:
  1. Choose "Manage Site" from the "More" menu
  2. Click on "Attachments" (left sidebar), then "Upload" and browse for your saved file (MP3 format)
  3. Open a second tab, return to your page and choose Edit, then choose "Insert --> More Gadgets." Click "Add Gadget by URL" and paste in the URL: http://prac-gadget.googlecode.com/files/google-audio.xml
  4. Switch to the attachments tab, right-click on the MP3 attachment and "Copy Link Location"
  5. Switch back to the Audio Player tab and paste in the URL of your MP3
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