Visual Arts

Maryann Horton, Art Teacher

The Visual Arts program stresses observation and thinking in images as well as art production. Students enter at their own levels and build their skills through exploration and reflection.                                                                                                                                                                        

Fifth and Sixth Graders meet three times a week for one trimester.                                                                                                            

Fifth Grade units include color theory, memory painting, motion (creating  manikins) , making sketchbooks, drawing techniques (bird drawings), etc..

Sixth Grade units include texture studies (scratchboards), circle design & painting (optricks), clay, calligraphy, sketchbook assignments, etc..

Seventh and Eighth Graders meet twice a week for one trimester. Students choose courses they wish to explore.

Seventh Grade choices:  

  1. Multimedia: students work with a variety of materials and techniques.
  2. Animation: students make historic optrick machines (eg: flipbooks), claymation and digital movies.
  3. Crafts and Cultures: students explore cultures of the world and create crafts of those cultures.

Eighth Grade choices:

  1. Drawing and Painting: students paint in the styles of famous artists, exploring experimental painting and drawing techniques.
  2. Clay: students explore handbuilding methods, pottery on the wheel, tile-painting, sculpture and glazing.
  3. Photography: Students learn to observe, record and tell stories with a digital camera.                                                    

Each year all students participate in a student community art project to be displayed in the Cafeteria. This school year, they will create contour line portraits.