Cross Country

 Practices are in full swing and the team is working incredibly hard each day.


October 1st, 2018 Cross Country Meet at Essex Middle School

The BRMS Cross-Country Team trains hard, plays hard, and supports one another, but at its' core is a team sport that works to instill a love for running and an active life. There is an emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition with other schools. Girls and boys practice together but compete separately in races of about 1.8 miles. At most practices we offer runners a choice of either a more intensive or a less intensive training group. Runners are expected to attend all practices (usually 4 per week) and work to improve their times over the course of the season.

For the 2018/19 season, practice will be held Tuesday through Friday from 3pm until 4pm. The team will meet at the Gazebo by the cafeteria at 3 and should be ready to run. Once attendance is complete the team will complete a slow warm up run to Mills Riverside Park where the team will complete stretches as a team and hear about the plan for the day. After the day's workout, the team will complete a cool down run that finishes back at the Gazebo for dismissal. As a reminder there is no district transportation after practice and your child will need to be picked up, or have a predetermined dismissal plan. If you wish to make a change to your child's departure routine, please send a signed note with them to school.

   Additionally, the CARES expectation system used at BRMS will be used throughout all aspects of the cross country team, which includes, practice, locker rooms, transportation and most importantly meets. The goal of this program is to explicitly teach the runners what is expected of them, to create an atmosphere that encourages teamwork and creates a framework to solve prolems. Our goal is to create a team where everyone feels welcomed and able to compete at their best. Please review the XC Code of Conduct with your child and return by September 4th.(Located below the expectations.)


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