Student Portfolio's

Examples of Portfolio's using Digital Storytelling
For detailed instructions as to how to create student portfolio's go to:
Eportfolio info taken from According to Dr. Helen Barrett, "A portfolio is often defined as "a purposeful collection of student [or teacher] work that illustrates efforts, progress, and achievement in one or more areas over time." Link
All offer an opportunity for any stage of learner to have a place to house, showcase and reflect on their work.  The characteristics of an ePortfolio's potential that draw me are that they are or represent evidence of:
  • Life-Long learning
  • Project-based
  • Learning and reflection on learning
  • Showcase
  • File Locker
  • Collaboration
  • Personality
  • Great potential for really revealing individual personality and flair
  • Portable
  • Growth over time
  • 21st Century skills are embedded
  • Potential for all types of Audiences
Considerations: Breaking it Down
  • What is an ePortfolio?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your content? (Life, Career & 21st Century skills to consider)
  • How will you assess?
  • How do you show growth over time and reflection?
  • How can an ePortfolio facilitate and show evidence of collaboration?
  • What tools can you use?  What is your access?
  • What skills must creators have?
  • How can you make these work in your situation?
Create your own:

Google Sites & Google Docs
PBWorks or Wikispaces (note: easy to keep backups)
Blog sites: WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger, etc.

Helen Barrett has been researching ePortfolios since 1991 and is the ISTE expert on the process of developing a quality and effective ePortfolio.  She runs discussion groups and speaks on the subject all over the world.  I include her as my primary source because her cannon of work is the most extensive.

Keynote speech in Hong Kong Conference on ePortfolios
, March 2007
These presentations breakdown into: Introduction, Literature, Stages of Development
Electronic Portfolio Development from Apple Distinguished Educator Expert Showcase
How-to create an ePortfolio with Google Sites


Other Resource Pages
Diane Krause's Wikispace that breaks down ePortfolio into Rational, Applications, Tools, and things to spiff up a site.
Digital Portfolios Made Easy - provides templates and examples
Programs and Systems for Creating ePortfolios (many work with existing student management systems)
Open Source Portfolio (OSP) - through Sakai and free
ISTE Templates for ePortfolios based on 21st Century standards
Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School ePortfolio project instructions, format and evaluation