HONESTY. The Sabe (Sasquatch)

Honesty is speaking and acting truthfully, and thereby remaining morally upright.

Honesty is defined as:

● Not willing to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent

● Worthy of being depended on

● Marked by truth, facts, real, and/or genuine

● Without pretentions and/or false accusations

The Sabe teaches us HONESTY. Long ago, there was a giant called Kitch-Sabe, who walked among the people to remind them to be honest to the laws of the creator and honest to each other. It is said that when you are honest and have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, your spirit is the size of the Sabe.

It does not feel good when you know you have done wrong and hide it. When one does this, it eats away at your spirit [conscience], not allowing it to grow strong. People who are honest are very trustworthy. Never lie or gossip about each other. The more honest you are, the bigger you become as a person. Being honest makes your life simple. To be truly honest is to keep the promises you make to the Creator, to others and to yourself.

The highest honor that could be bestowed upon an individual was the saying "There walks an honest man. He can be trusted."

The Elders would say, "Never try to be someone else; live true to your spirit, be honest to yourself and accept who you are the way the Creator made you."